Back in 2015, an innovator and digital pioneer created a new company named CognitiveScale. This artificial intelligence (AI) platform has since been transforming the marketplace through disruptive innovation.  CognitiveScale is now one of the world's leading AI brands, pairing humans and machines in a unique partnership that allows for the augmentation of human potential. The CognitiveScale offering uses industry-specific augmented intelligence for healthcare, financial services, and digital commerce. Furthermore, clients use the Cortex augmented intelligence platform for the transformation of user engagement and improved decision-making. 

Leading the Development of AI 

Matt Sanchez is now the Chief Technology Officer for CognitiveScale, leading the development of the company's core products and infrastructure. CognitiveScale has raised around $50 million as of 2018 and has 150 employees around the world. CognitiveScale has also spread out with offices across India, London, and New York.  Before he started CognitiveScale, Matt was the Watson Lab Leader and Technical Staff Member for IBM Watson. Before that, he also spent a short time as the STSM Lead Architect, guiding BPM repository and governance for IBM. Prior to IBM, Matt was also Chief Architect and 'Webify employee number 3' for Webify Solutions. Sanchez also gained some of his experience as a Senior Software Engineer with Liaison Technologies. 

Supporting an Age of Innovation

Matt has always showed a keen interest in the innovative technology of the IT industry. He earned his BSc degree in Computer Science in Austin, at the University of Texas, and since then has been granted six patents, while authoring a dozen more.  At CognitiveScale, Matt helps to deliver new productivity and performance solutions to businesses worldwide, through the use of the smartest technology in the market. 

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