Safe Software: How Data Powers our Society and Species for Tomorrow

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The trend of data at our fingertips is continuing.   Virtually, everything we do is impacted by data. 

From driving your car to shopping to fighting pandemics such as Covid-19.  Everything is impacted by data and understanding is improved by embracing and using it 

Data powers many technologies and itself is neither good nor bad.  As data influences more of our life, we have to ensure that we use it responsibly so as to improve the lives of everyone from customers, employees, citizens, and the planet we all live on.   We face many challenges and data plays a critical role in helping us make the best decisions.

In the last episode of a three-part podcast series with Safe Software, Analyst Susan Walsh speaks to Don Murray, President and co-founder of Safe Software, to explore:

  • How data was critical in the fight and management of Covid 19 around the world. 

  • The importance of using data responsibly so that people and organizations understand the often unintended consequences of their actions.    

  • The critical role of data is to drive decisions to meet the challenges we face as individuals, organizations, and a planet.  Our future depends on using data.

There is no time like now for all of us to embrace data.

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