TrueCue: The Data- Driven SMB

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During what continues to be the most unprecedented period of uncertainty for the global economy in more than a century, the power of data is proving transformational for many organisations across the UK.

From accurate forecasting and scenario modelling to understanding changes in consumer-behaviour and shifts in employee working habits, the way organisations manage their data has become a key differentiator between those who have remained operational during the pandemic, and those who have unfortunately succumbed to it.

The harsh reality of this has hit a few harder than small and medium-sized businesses (SMBs), many of whom have been forced to accelerate their digital transformation initiatives as a means of survival. As a result, many business leaders have had to rethink their approach to decision-making, in a more contextual, connected and continuous manner, driven by data.

With that in mind, TrueCue have created a guide to help business leaders re-orientate towards a more data-driven approach, in support of their digital transformation initiatives. Providing insight, advice and actionable steps, this guide will help small and medium-sized businesses to become more data-driven in an increasingly digitalised economy.