Synack: The Buyer's Guide to Testing

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Breaches are all too common today as determined cyber criminals have become better organized and more targeted in their attacks. In many cases, a C-level executive loses their job as a result. That doesn’t have to be you—or your organization.

 The right testing solution is key to keeping you safe. While searching for the one that’s

the best fit for your organization, be sure to prioritize your goals. Are you seeking holistic security to mitigate the chance of a breach? Are you focused solely on compliance? Is there a customer or partner insisting that you get a checkup? Are you looking for a point-in-time test or for continuous security as your network and applications evolve?

Remembering those objectives as you navigate this guide will help maximize the following insights. Included is a helpful checklist of essential items to look out for when selecting a vendor.

From scanners and traditional pen tests to bug bounty programs, and platform-based security tests--- there’s a lot of jargon and variation out there. Cut through the confusion and choose what’s best for you.


Download the Buyer’s Guide to Testing to learn more.