Solidatus: The modern data management tool for risk data and reporting

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This case study details how a global investment bank used Solidatus to visualise their data lineage and rapidly assess their exposure to risks related to the BCBS 239 regulatory requirements.

Award-winning Solidatus is a flexible and modern solution that helps to implement effective risk data aggregation and risk reporting by accelerating the lineage and cataloging process.

Download this case study to find out how Solidatus can be used to:

  • Visualise data lineage supporting risk reporting and a reference point to prove the outcome of the report to both regulator and senior management.
  • Provide clear end-to-end lineage visualised at scale down to lowest level diffable to any historic or future point bringing consistency and control enterprise-wide.
  • Remove Key Person Risk by institutionalising Oracle data-warehouse subject matter expert knowledge.
  • Rapidly set-up a Data Dictionary and identify all system-relevant reporting fields (two weeks or less).