New Era Technology: Deliver Your Digital Strategy

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A business’ digital strategy explains how it plans to acquire and use different digital capabilities to deliver its objectives. An identity and access management (IAM) solution has many touchpoints with other parts of the organisation. Therefore, an effective digital strategy requires an IAM solution that can be deeply embedded within the business.

It’s therefore essential that the IAM solution can adapt to the organisation’s prevailing policies, processes, and practices. Otherwise, the wider organisation will resort to less effective or less efficient ways of achieving their goals – or give up on them.

This paper, the second in a series, discusses the key characteristics of a solution that will achieve that. These are:

  • A fully managed service that offers extensibility
  • Choice of public cloud, hybrid, or private hosting
  • A modular architecture that scales transparently
  • Support for standard and proprietary authentication technologies
  • An API-centric architecture
  • A customisable user interface

To deliver your digital strategy, the IAM solution must adapt to your business, and not try to dictate it.