New Era Technology: Connecting, protecting, and perfecting the digital business

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Identity and Access Management (IAM) is a highly transformative digital capability. But making the business case to invest in something that is not well understood by the business can be a real challenge. 

In these circumstances, it can be helpful to have a strategic framework that sets out the main issues for the decision-makers. 

This paper, the first in a series, introduces the IAM Transformation Triangle. This covers six key benefit areas. We discuss four of these areas in this paper at a high-level, explaining their importance, without reference to any product. These are: 

  • Deliver your digital strategy 
  • Empower your users 
  • Secure your organisation
  • Streamline your governance 

In the other papers in this series we will discuss how Able+ delivers against these areas. We hope that this will help you understand what you need in the context of your business.