Flexible, policy-based network encryption security for today’s high-performance network architectures

Published on
22/06/2021 11:35 AM

If your data is worth anything, it’s worth encrypting.

Today’s modern networks need high assurance network encryption. Network architectures have evolved to comprise of multiple transport layers that have implications for network security, performance and cost. In the case of Internet protocols, the most common encryption solution, IPSec, is more than 20 years old. IPSec was not developed with wide area networking and cloud applications in mind; it incurs additional bandwidth costs and can impact significantly on network performance.

Customers choose different network types for different data flows. With Network Independent Encryption, customers may choose a single, best-of-breed solution. One that provides high-assurance, end-to-end encryption across multiple network types, without compromising bandwidth and performance. Learn how the introduction of the Thales Transport Independent Mode (TIM) provides end-to-end encryption security, without the typical performance and bandwidth costs associated with IPSec encryption solutions. Choose a solution developed specifically for today’s multi-layer networks.