YellowFin: The Future of Data Storytelling

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With more businesses investing in data storytelling skills to open up insights for all, one crucial question has arisen: What if a user can’t tell a story with their data?

While storytelling is a more inherent, universal skill than knowing how to read a data complex, numbers-heavy dashboard, some people may not be able to convey the results of their data in a compelling narrative, or have the time to learn how to.

This is where augmented analytics comes in.

With the infusion of technologies such as AI, machine learning and natural language that automate all parts of data analysis, augmented analytics combined with data storytelling will ensure more people can create and consume data stories.

Augmented analytics will enable more non-technical people to use enhanced analysis techniques and create data stories without needing advanced knowledge, using automation to analyze findings and generate compelling narratives that can eliminate reliance on experts, and reduce the time spent needing to explore data.

In this free whitepaper, learn:

  • What automated data storytelling is - and what benefits will offer organizations
  • How augmented analytics and data storytelling work - with examples
  • Why leveraging automated narrative is a closer future than you may think

This educational guide will help you understand the benefits of data storytelling and augmented analytics, and their significant impact in helping users gain insight.