Rapid7: Inside MDR Response Timelines & Tick Tocks

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In this new eBook you’ll find real life examples of common threats handled end-to-end by Rapid7 MDR. Discover the speed and accuracy with which SOC experts identify, contain, and respond to attacks for customers.

IBM says it takes an average of 287 days to identify a breach and about 80 to contain it. You can’t do that with the kind of attackers you’ll read about here.

Significant attackers only
No garden variety threats here. You’ll see how we handled the lethal More_Eggs malware. Solarmarker, which spawns hundreds of decoy files. And EMOTET, finally disrupted in 2021 by international action coordinated by Europol.

Built to win, 24x7x365
Our many differences add up: a follow-the-sun model with seamless handoffs, customer outcome responsibilities at analyst level, integrated DFIR (Digital Forensics and Incident Response), and more.

Your timeline looks good too
How about a 549% ROI, and a three-month payback? Rapid7 commissioned Forrester Consulting to quantify The Total Economic Impact™ (TEI) of Rapid7MDR. Customers also had a 70% reduction to their cyber risk profile, and a 90% reduction in the likelihood of a major breach.

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