Radware: Challenges in Application Security

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Applications are at the core of most organizations, responsible for internal-, partner- and customer-facing business. It’s crucial that these organizations understand the importance of their protection, as the application threat landscape is changing with more frequent, sophisticated and intense attack vectors. At the same time, application development and deployment are evolving to a point where traditional web application firewall (WAF) solutions are no longer effective, requiring a completely different approach to application protection.

Protecting applications with a self-managed on-prem WAF is no longer a valid option. The associated management overhead combined with the shortage of cybersecurity experts creates both unacceptable bottlenecks as well as compromised quality of protection. With the evolving application architecture, on-prem WAFs are simply incapable of providing one consistent solution for all applications in all the environments they are deployed in.

Radware’s Cloud WAF addresses these gaps and challenges, providing best-of-suite application protection with complete coverage of a wide range of attack vectors, deployable in hours instead of minutes. This is achieved thanks to the experienced Emergency Response Team (ERT)—a group of experienced application protection experts— as well as AI-based algorithms that automate and constantly optimize security policies. Combined with SecurePath, it provides flexible deployment options for any scenario—even when traffic can’t be diverted or SSL keys can’t be shared. Radware’s cloud WAF service provides a higher quality of protection while eliminating the management overhead and increasing any organization’s agility