Ontotext: Turning Your Property Graph into a Robust Knowledge Graph

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As graph technology is rapidly hitting the mainstream, the confusion between property graphs and knowledge graphs persists despite efforts to dispel it. 

Due in part to the similarity of the underlying technologies and marketing efforts from vendors trying to co-opt the buzz around knowledge graphs, the result of this confusion is that, frequently, engineers turn to a property graph database when what they need is a knowledge graph solution. 

Time and again a proof-of-concept is accomplished with a property graph but attempts to take it to the next level run into its well-known limitations. Then, ultimately, a decision is made to migrate to a proper knowledge graph.

In this whitepaper, Ontotext delves into how companies can migrate from a property graph to a knowledge graph solution, exploring:

  • Why companies need a knowledge graph in the first place
  • The process of migrating to a knowledge graph
  • The challenges organizations face when doing so