Meteomatics: EURO1k: Accuracy Redefined

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Learn all about the most accurate weather model for Europe!

The EURO1k weather model offers unparalleled accuracy with its 1 km resolution and hourly updates, making it a valuable tool for various industries across Europe. Its fine-scale datasets are essential for planning operational processes and responding to extreme weather events. EURO1k is especially beneficial for industries sensitive to short-term weather changes, such as energy and renewable energy, aviation, and logistics.

By utilizing EURO1k, businesses can gain a competitive edge in weather-dependent trading, leading to better forecasting, increased operational efficiency, resource utilization, and planning reliability. These improvements result in substantial cost savings and enhanced competitiveness.

While EURO1k is not part of the regular API access, it can be unlocked upon request through the Weather API, providing permanent access to this unique European weather model. Businesses can choose the EURO1k package or request a time-limited test package to harness its advantages.