Incorta: How to Accelerate Operational Reporting and Analytics

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What Oracle EBS does not offer is a high-performance, quick-to-implement analytics solution that seamlessly combines data from multiple sources in an instant. Many EBS customers are stuck using multiple legacy tools and high-cost professionals to generate even the simplest reports, and are unable to modernize and migrate to more cost-effective platforms. But the demand for faster, easier, and near-instant reporting and analytics have dramatically increased over the past decade, placing tremendous pressure on CFOs, CEOs, and IT leaders.

Without a unified data solution, today’s leaders are handicapped when trying to make real-time competitive decisions and course corrections. They’re left to rely on stale data from a fixed patchwork of existing reports that are too difficult to change. It doesn’t have to be this way. With Incorta, Oracle EBS customers have a better, more modern option for analyzing and understanding their data—with no data modeling and no complex transformations. Incorta empowers users to make smarter, faster decisions by readily accessing up-to-date data and building the comprehensive reports they need, all through self-service.