Incorta: Best Practices to Modernize Your Oracle BI Environment

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Migrating to a new analytics environment can be a complex, time-consuming and resource-intensive undertaking. Significant investments have been sunk into existing analytic environments, and migrating to a new platform can involve months of effort. When organizations go to this level of effort and expense, ideally, they should achieve more than simply migrating to the existing environment. A migration provides an excellent opportunity to look to the future, rethink the environment, and deliver new capabilities to the business that can improve efficiency and serve as a source of competitive advantage.

This paper will discuss some challenges Oracle Business Intelligence (BI) users face as they migrate from existing analytics environments. It will make a case for Incorta, a new type of open data delivery platform. Readers will learn about the advantages that Incorta offers and some best practices that organizations can use to modernize their Oracle BI environment.