Honeycomb: O'Reilly Observability Engineering

Published on
26/01/2023 11:19 AM

Observability  Engineering is critical for building, changing, and understanding the software that powers complex systems within an enterprise. Teams that adopt observability are far better equipped to ship code swiftly and confidently, identify outliers and aberrant behaviours, and understand the experience of each and every user. 

Although the term “observability” has emerged from the leading edge of systems engineering to the vernacular of software engineering, it has also suffered the inevitable fate of being conflated with adjacent concepts – specifically monitoring, visibility, and telemetry.

This Honeycomb.io eBook cuts through the marketing hype to concretely demonstrate what observability is, how it is different, and how to practice it within both your applications and your teams. It bridges the gap between the theoretical and practical to envisage structured events as the atomic building block necessary for observability. 

Download this  observability engineering eBook to explore:

  • The value of practising observability when delivering and managing complex cloud-native applications and systems
  • How and why functional teams use observability with service level objectives
  • How data-rich analytics help you find answers quickly when maintaining site reliability