Expert.AI: The Value of Practical AI

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Business executives have notoriously struggled to assess the business value of AI. They understand the potential value of it, but the general lack of institutional AI knowledge has made the evaluation process rather uncertain.

In spite of this, executives remain undeterred from doubling down on their AI investments, as 71% of AI adopters plan to increase their spend by an average of 26%, according to Deloitte. With more and more at stake, business leaders need a proper framework to make smarter AI-related business decisions.

Having implemented hundreds of practical AI applications for an array of enterprise customers, wanted to share their knowledge and expertise to make your next initiative seamless and successful.

By downloading this executive brief, you will learn:

  • The true costs associated with a successful AI implementation.
  • How to mature your AI system.
  • How to properly evaluate the return on your AI investment.