Top 10 Virtual Assistant Services for 2021

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As companies strive to deal with increasingly complex customer demands, virtual assistant services are growing more popular. Virtual assistant services, or a “VA” service, is an agency or online company offering access to virtual, remote workers when companies need extra specialist support to deal with increased customer demand, or other common challenges. 

Virtual assistant services offer an affordable and effective way for companies to expand their workforce, either temporarily, or on a long-term basis. These professionals can offer services ranging from technical support to administration. Here are some of the best virtual assistant services solutions available on the market today.

10. Virtual Employee

Simple and effective, Virtual Employee is a highly rated virtual assistant service recommended by companies like the Business Reporter, and The Telegraph. There are over 1500 employees ready to handle tasks on your demand, and services go far beyond basic administration, with access to everything from digital marketing and content writing to development, finances, engineering, and mobile app development.

Virtual Employee allows you to find the specific assistant you need to suit your company’s goals, whether you need help with legal processes, or medical processes. With a commitment to high-quality service, the company has earned hundreds of positive reviews and testimonials from businesses around the world.

9. Fancy Hands

A unique approach to virtual assistant services, Fancy Hands promises support for all kinds of people and companies. Whether you need a dedicated assistant working just for you, or you want to outsource tasks occasionally, Fancy Hands can help. There are tons of available tasks to assign to your assistant here, including purchase management, text messaging, scheduling, and more. 

The service allows you to choose your package based on the average number of tasks you generally need to outsource each month. You can also access a ton of handy usage stats to find out how much time you’ve saved by using your assistant.

8. Prialto

Designed for busy professional leaders and enterprise teams, Prialto is all about offering executive assistance to fast-growing companies. The service offers a fantastic range of features from experienced agents, like document preparation, campaign management, time and task management, and even professional networking support.

You can access virtual service solutions for entire teams, individuals and enterprise organisations. Plus, Prialto takes extra precautions to ensure you get the right experience, by efficiently analysing the workflow of each company, and determining which skills will be most important to the growth of the business. The company earns some of the best reviews in the virtual assistant space.

7. MyTasker

Promising companies of all sizes a dedicated and trusted partner for productivity, MyTasker makes it easy to overcome the time-consuming tasks you don’t want to do in your schedule. The professionals available on this website come from Australia, the UK, and the US. Task options range all the way from research and content writing to website development and design. 

When you sign up for a professional, the MyTasker team will pair you with virtual assistant based on the individual needs of your company. The MyTasker solution is particularly useful for entrepreneur because you can access people who specifically help with business setup.

6. Time Etc

Time Etc is a well-known company offering virtual assistants to companies all around the UK. The company has been around since 2007, offering virtual assistant help to companies ranging from Google and to Facebook and HubSpot. You can start with a free trial, during which the company will pair you with an experienced UK assistant ready to help you master your workflow.

The assistants available through Time Etc can handle things like admin, email, scheduling, content marketing, and even social media management. There are all kinds of tasks to choose from, and you can let the company know exactly what you need during your initial consultation.

5. OkayRelax

One of the more versatile companies for remote and virtual assistants on the market today, OkayRelax helps you to claim back the time you need. The service ensures you can make more space in your day with a personalised approach to assistance. Aside from getting help with basic administrative tasks like scheduling meetings and transcribing audio, you can also get help with travel planning, schedule management, and research. 

OkayRelax comes with a range of flexible and affordable plans to choose from, making the company a good choice for smaller businesses who don’t have a fortune to spend on outsourcing help. You’re matched to your assistant based on your needs and you can cancel at any time.

4. Woodbows

With offices across India, the USA, and Philippines, Woodbows helps business owners, entrepreneurs, and other professionals to save time on getting work done. The company uses time tracking tools to ensure you can keep an eye on how long each project and task takes. All of the professionals in the ecosystem are college graduates with at least 10 years of experience. 

English-speaking virtual assistants can deliver 24/7 availability, so you always get the support you need when you need it most. You’ll have a dedicated professional who works only for you too, so you don’t have to worry about sharing someone’s focus with another brand.

3. Belay Solutions

Belay Solutions delivers state-of-the-art virtual assistant services from professionals with bachelor’s degrees or higher. There’s access to various specialists, from people with insights into web technology, to social media strategists, virtual bookkeepers, and administrators. With Belay, companies can build a comprehensive support team, to access new levels of productivity. 

The Belay Virtual Assistant services come direct to your business from dedicated professionals with proven expertise and experience in your chosen industry. You can choose the specialist services you need and build your team from there.

2. MyOutDesk

One of the best-known virtual assistant solutions available today, the MyOutDesk brand has more than 700 five-star business reviews, and plenty of positive feedback from a host of well-known companies. The brand claims to save clients around $55 million dollars per year, as the highest-ranked virtual assistant company on the web. 

MyOutDesk offers a range of virtual assistants to suit different needs, including professionals for administrative tasks like bookkeeping and transaction coordination, to people who specialise in specific industries, like inside sales, real-estate, service, and support, and marketing. The flexible range of support options ensures you can find the professional assistance you need.

1. Remote Coworker

A simple and reliable solution to expanding your business, Remote Coworker allows companies worldwide to hire dedicated professionals in a virtual environment, for an affordable hourly rate. The services range from standard virtual assistant task management, like dealing with customer accounts, to onboarding, and creating weekly progress reports. 

You can even use Remote Coworker for things like cashflow and bookkeeping, if you need a little extra help keeping your finances running smoothly. The straightforward service makes it quick and easy to access a bilingual agent with skills and insights crucial to your specific company or industry. You can even access people offering 24/7 support.

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