Tech Chat Ep.61: Resuming Business as Usual Post-Pandemic

Published on
23/06/2020 04:48 PM
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Businesses have somewhat absorbed the first hit of the pandemic. As a result, employees are working from home, companies have ramped up digital transformation initiatives, and we are more aware of our peers’ well-being than ever before. However, having overcome the initial , companies now need to consider the next hurdle: resuming business as usual and what ‘normal’ now means.

Joining us to lend his expertise on the matter is Andrew Watson, Chief Technology Officer at MHR, a company that provides quality HR and payroll software, solutions, and services to transform businesses. In this Tech Chat, Andrew shares his thoughts on what the extent of remote working will be in the future. Andrew also advises on steps managers can take to support workers who are anxious to return to the office.