Tech Chat Ep. 56: Content Management and the Hubspot CMS Hub

Published on
07/05/2020 03:42 PM
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Website management can be a big burden on businesses. From security concerns to performance, companies often find themselves tiptoeing around their CMS systems or having to reach out to developers due to a lack of confidence.

Thankfully, Hubspot’s new offering, CMS Hub, is set to change all of that and give marketers the reassurance they need to create content independently from their IT teams. Harnessing security, scalability, and ease of use, businesses no longer need to be bogged down by their traditional CMS systems.

Here to tell us all about it is Inken Kuhlmann-Rhinow, EMEA Director of Marketing at Hubspot. Tune in to find out how this new offering fits into the current landscape, as well as what Inken’s predictions are for the future of the CMS and CRM markets.