Tech Chat: BEACON Events by Looker

Published on
13/11/2020 02:43 PM
Link to video on Youtube

Following a successful run earlier this year, we're delighted to see the return of Looker's BEACON. In case you missed it, BEACON is Looker's series of online events designed to help you find your data direction, and it's now back for round two! The second event promises to deliver more knowledge and tools to help businesses find true power in their data, so it's really not to be missed.

To find out more about BEACON 2, we spoke with Looker's Éanna Cunnane, Head of EMEA Customer Success. In this special episode of Tech Chat, Éanna shares the biggest takeaways from BEACON Part 1, before delving into common mistakes that organisations are making when starting their data journey. Finally, Éanna outlines what people can expect from BEACON EMEA Part 2, so tune in to find out!

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