What One Question Would You Ask UK PM Rishi Sunak? | London Tech Week

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London Tech Week 2023 has just kicked off in Queen Elizabeth II Centre, marking the start of a week filled with expert insights, ground breaking-stores, and important discussions about regulation, investments and the future of global tech. 

With talks from UK Prime Minister Rishi Sunak, Google Deepmind CEO Demis Hassabis, and Microsoft UK CEO Clare Barclay, the event brings together some of the most influential and innovative thinkers in the tech space for a week-long celebration of UK tech. 

As official media partners at London Tech Week, EM360 spoke with dozens of industry leaders, speakers and delegates at the event about everything tech – from the challenges in the start-up space to the trends driving innovation across the enterprise tech landscape. 

One thing we asked business leaders and industry experts was to tell us the one question they would ask UK Prime Minister Rishi Sunak if given the opportunity.

See their responses in the video above!