Cresta: How AI is Impacting Customer Service

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What has been the impact of generative AI on CX and contact centers?

The recent hype cycle has redefined investment strategies, prompting companies to explore new AI use cases and uncover optimal starting points for implementation. Beyond technology adoption, organisations are strategically operationalising AI to drive transformative change in their operating models.

But how can companies get started, and where are they getting the best results? How do you even benchmark that success? And how can you use AI to improve the efficiency - and satisfaction - of your agents?

In this episode of the EM360 Podcast, Analyst Zeus Kerravala speaks to Devon Mychal, Head of Product Marketing at Cresta, as they discuss:

  • How generative AI has impacted CX
  • Where companies are getting the best results
  • How AI empowers agents - and vice versa