Copy Cat Group: Webex Security

Copy Cat Group: Webex Security


Webex is here to ensure you remain secure during your most vital meetings. Webex enables secure inclusive experiences so that you can contribute and create fully no matter how, when, or where you collaborate together. 

Only inclusive collaboration can achieve greater productivity and more engaged relationships. Through a combination of hardware and software, we can create our best work with tools that connect people, teams, ideas, and workflows with a single click, gesture, or simply our voice. Webex gives everyone an advantage at work with better-than-being-there interactions -- together.

Copy Cat Group and Cisco have invested heavily to build a culture of security with the right checks and balances in place. Webex chooses secure default settings out of the box, thereby enabling users to start collaborating freely without having to worry about configurations.  At the same time, Webex delivers a great user experience- one that doesn't compromise on security. 

Unleash the power of your team with Webex.