“Automation is the beauty of AI” "| Duran Gigs, Blindspot AI @ The Communication Technology Expo 2023

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The Communication Technology Expo has just kicked off in ExCel London, and EM360 was there to interview Market leaders and industry experts about everything unified communications – from the rise of hybrid work to the emergence of AI-wired CRMs and communication tools. 

Yesterday we spoke to Duran Gigs, Commercial & Business Director at Blindspot.AI, about the emergence of AI technologies and the impact of automation on enterprise communications. 

“Automation is the beauty of AI”

When asked about how AI is transforming corporate communications, Mr Gigs told us that AI today represents a new era for communication where many manual tasks are completed by AI-enabled systems. 

“Solely automation is what the beauty of AI is. Automating lots of things that you would have done manually before. This is the space we are coming into and in a nutshell, it's taking over,” Mr Gigs explained. 

One of the key ones that everyone seems to be talking about right now is ChatGPT because that's just really taken over big time. That's one of the key ones that a lot of people are talking about right now. I use it on a daily basis. I bet you do. Everyone does.”

AI is here to help, not replace!

When asked about some of the challenges the communications space is facing at the moment, Mr Gigs said that customers are failing to embrace new technologies like AI due to unfounded fears surrounding its impact within the enterprise landscape. 

“One of the key challenges we’re facing is the fact that people are used to what they’re used to. It’s about finding that space and people allowing the space to be educated. A lot of people are scared AI is going to take over,” Mr Gigs said.

“It’s not going to completely take over – It’s going to support you and make you a lot more efficient at what you do, so it’s he's not coming in to take over the human space. There's still going to be the human space and human interaction, but it's just going to make things run a lot better and a lot smoother.

So truly [AI] is just supporting businesses and helping them grow rapidly. I think the biggest word and the best word to define what AI will do is ‘supercharge’ a business from whatever stage it is at to the next level. That's what we do in a nutshell.”