Top 5 Logistics Companies

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Logistics is the cornerstone of our economy and is imperative for organisations to run smoothly. However, it often gets overlooked when we talk about the benefits technology can bring to the sector. Everything from cold-chain storage, supply chain management to international freight shipments has untapped opportunities for new tech developments. In this week's Emerge5, we look at five new and exciting organisations using technology to make logistics safer, easier, and more environmentally friendly.


The road freight industry is the backbone of our economy with the growing volume of goods transported by trucks, however, we're all aware of the big environmental challenges this poses as the industry is responsible for roughly 6% of the European CO2 emissions.

Now, where Tracks comes into this is they are a German-based technology company, pioneering the way the road freight industry adopts Artificial Intelligence (AI) to make informed, data-driven decisions.

Their flagship product is designed to provide truck fleet operators with a holistic and comparative view on the fuel efficiency and CO2 emissions of their fleet whilst providing suggestions, recommendations, and alarms to improve their bottom line.

Pulpo WMS

Pulpo WMS is a cloud-based Warehouse Management System that optimizes every step of the internal logistic process.

They go beyond inventory management and guide the warehouse employee through every step with an android app. The warehouse employee uses the app to receive incoming goods, replenish storing positions, performing an optimal picking route inside the warehouse, and deliver the goods to the packing and dispatch positions.

Their goal is to allow you to not only let you manage your inventory across all sales-channels and IT-systems you might have, but also automate your warehouse management processes to ensure maximum efficiency.



The shipping industry is lagging in the adoption of technology in day-to-day operations. Nautix technologies digitize the shipping industry to bring more safety to humans and efficiency to businesses.

Their product is a task management SaaS-application standardizing operations for ships, thus transforming risky chaos into structured safety.

This allows teams to plan, track, and prioritize daily activities and collaborate in real-time for making decisions faster which will mean ships can have a task management application to manage high-risk operations better.


Closelink's mission is to provide a platform to the shipping industry for business-to-business commerce that provides procurement teams with the best possible market transparency and the highest degree of efficiency in a perfectly user-centric environment. 

They offer an easy and frictionless procurement process tailored to your needs and requirements, also they want to empower you with data-based insights for improved cost control and identification of business opportunities, and speaking of business opportunities they can also extend your network by giving you access to a world-wide network of registered suppliers and purchasers.


Terminals move more than 750 million containers worldwide which means these massive operations come with inefficiencies that generate billions of additional costs to operators.

eYard has created a cloud-based technology solution that improves operators’ productivity reducing cost significantly, it helps reduce the number of unproductive moves by more than 25% and it helps operators improve resource efficiency. 

Which is exactly their goal to make sure the life and work of terminal operators and their teams are made simpler and easy and to ensure that technology is here to help people, not replace them.