Top 10 Zero Trust Cybersecurity Companies

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Top 10 Zero Trust Cybersecurity Companies

Security has always been one of the biggest concerns for any growing business. In a world where technology is continually evolving, organisations are constantly stumbling onto new vulnerabilities. One wrong move in the data management space and companies leave themselves vulnerable to catastrophic attacks. 

The increasingly complex landscape means that more groups are turning towards a zero-trust security framework. This approach asks companies to take their security enforcement strategy to the next level and recognize that existing approaches don’t offer enough protection. Here are 10 of the top zero trust cybersecurity companies that can help you to defend yourself from all kinds of attacks. 


Palo Alto Networks

Palo Alto Networks is a recognised leader for the Forrester Wave report on Zero Trust eXtended ecosystem platform providers. Palo Alto frequently stands out as one of the most reliable zero-trust providers, helping companies to reimagine their security outside of typical parameters. 

Palo Alto stands out as a fantastic partner for companies that want to translate their strategy for zero trust into a complete implementation process. You can also access full visibility through all traffic layers, verify users, devices, and applications, and unlock context-based insights. Palo Alto helps to consistently enforce reliable policies across all networks. 


Security is a stand-out focus area for Cisco. This communication and IT company believe in giving companies comprehensive protection, whether they’re building a remote team, or just optimising their workload. With Cisco’s holistic approach to zero trust solutions, companies can discover the benefits of increased access control and stronger end-to-end visibility. 

The Cisco security framework prevents unauthorised access, reduces the risk of unwanted breaches, and ensures that you can maintain consistent policy-based controls. There’s even access to plenty of detailed reports, logs, and alerts to help companies respond more effectively to threats. 

Cyxtera Technologies

Secure infrastructure company, Cyxtera Technologies appears on the Gartner ZTNA market guide for 2020. Providing a fully visible security framework for growing businesses, Cyxtera helps organisations to make their applications and server infrastructure more impenetrable. With Cyxtera’s support, business leaders can grant network access carefully on a need-to-know basis. 

You can logically group and segment your assets, to avoid people getting access to products and data they don’t need. There’s also support for consistent policies across a complete hybrid infrastructure. Cyxtera also supports dynamic one-to-one network connections between resources and users. 


A market leader in enterprise security solutions, Illumio helps businesses of all sizes to upgrade their security framework. The Illumio ASP maps perfectly to the zero trust framework suggested by industry analysts like Forrester. If you’re looking for a company that can give you a complete overview of the Zero Trust eXtended system, then Illumio has you covered. 

End-to-end zero trust solutions from Illumio provide micro-segmentation support from the data centre and cloud environment to all of your business endpoints. You can also use the system to protect against lateral movements across devices, applications, workloads, servers, and more.


Zscaler Private Access is an as-a-Service offering that takes a user- and application-centric approach to private application access. With it, businesses can ensure that only authorised users have access to specific private applications, giving them more granular control. This is all through a lightweight software that connects apps and users to the Zscaler security cloud.

With so many businesses working remotely as a result of the pandemic, Zscaler is also the perfect way to ensure they can do so, safely, easily, and quickly. In particular, Zscaler champions a new approach to connectivity to help businesses build and maintain a long-term access strategy.

Pulse Secure

Given the increasingly remote nature of businesses during the pandemic, the need for fluid “anytime, anywhere” access to applications and information is higher than ever before. That’s exactly what Pulse Secure delivers through its high-performance, flexible cloud-based service. Not only will it bolster your security posture, it also comes with a simple, streamlined user experience.

The company prides itself on being 100% focused on delivering secure access solutions for people, devices, and services. Their offering is trusted by companies of every size and industry to empower their own digital transformation.


Named a leader in zero trust solutions by the Forrester Wave, Akamai prioritises this new security model with highly visible policies and identity verification processes. The zero-trust framework from Akamai helps business leaders to track every user, device, and application, for full end-to-end security. 

With Akamai, you can set up comprehensive and contextual business processes that avoid giving anyone access to information that they don’t need. Akamai’s solution includes network trust and malware protection, as well as secure application access and centralised IT resources. 


Proofpoint delivers zero trust security systems as part of the Proofpoint Meta approach to cloud security. This solution comes with a software-defined perimeter for the cloud-delivered systems in your business, to secure remote access to any resources your teams need. 

Alongside a secure solution that takes VPN access to the next level, Proofpoint also helps evolving businesses to create a more comprehensive policy for data protection as they migrate to cloud and hybrid environments. Through granular access control, central management systems, and complete visibility, business leaders can reduce their chances of breaches. 


A notable advocate of zero trust, Delinea's Zero Trust Privilege offering is a great contender for the list. Their unique approach is to secure modern enterprises and stop the leading cause of data breaches: privileged access abuse.

With privileged access management as their sole focus, Delinea is able to give their customers undivided attention and deliver "battle-proven and fastest time-to-value solutions" to cover their customer's expanding attack surfaces. It also comes with support for more than 450 platforms and is trusted by over 2,000 organisations worldwide.


Citrix provides a comprehensive zero-trust network solution to companies that need a convenient, all-in-one way to transform their existing policies. The Citrix Workspace, recognised by the Forrester Wave report, offers an end-to-end environment for protection. Here, businesses can implement zero-trust principles and avoid the gaps often left by mix-and-match strategies. 

With Citrix, you enable and control remote access without relying on a VPN. Citrix also brings more context and information to businesses as they track the performance of their processes, tools, and people. With complete access control and security, teams can finally get the peace of mind they need.