Top 10 UCaaS Platforms for 2022

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02/05/2022 11:58 AM
Top 10 UCaaS Platforms for 2022

Potentially the most important tools for communication and collaboration in today’s digital landscape, UCaaS (Unified Communications as a Service) platforms are taking the world by storm. These all-in-one cloud environments combine a multitude of essential features for the modern workforce, including instant messaging, voice, video conferencing, and file sharing tools, in a single, easy-to-use platform.

As of 2020, the UCaaS market was worth around $25.85 billion, and it’s expected to grow to a value of $69.93 billion by 2028, with a CAGR of 13.4%. As a tool capable of enabling remote and hybrid work, improving team interactions, and boosting business workflows, UCaaS has a lot to offer.

The question for today’s business leaders, is which UCaaS platforms can provide the best possible value for their teams? Here are some of the top options for 2022.


RingCentral MVP

A leader in the cloud communications and contact centre spaces, RingCentral is one of the top companies on the market today for UCaaS solutions. The RingCentral MVP service, (Message, Video and Phone) combines everything you need for efficient and cost-effective communication into a secure, reliable, and easy-to-use cloud platform.


The comprehensive integrated environment can connect with the other tools your team members use every day, and it comes with a variety of solutions to make your employees more productive, like file sharing and task management. RingCentral MVP includes a 99.999% uptime guarantee, global reach across 110+ countries, and 7 layers of secure protection.

Intermedia Unite

Specifically designed to suit the needs of smaller businesses, Intermedia Unite promises access to all the communications tools you need in one convenient space. With this solution, companies can access pre-configured phone systems, laptop and desktop apps, mobile device support and more. As an extra bonus, you can also link your UCaaS environment to your contact centre.


Intermedia provides a simple and effective way to unify your teams across all channels, from video conferencing and messaging, to email and business phone. There are even secure tools in place to help with content sharing and file management.

Genesys Cloud CX

The Genesys Cloud CX solution is a unique approach to UCaaS and CCaaS (Contact Centre as a Service) bundled into one environment. As companies bring more of their cloud and as-a-service environments together, Genesys Cloud CX demonstrates the benefits of having internal and external communications connected in the same cloud.


By unifying agent and customer experiences across email, phone, chat, text, and social channels, you can create a more contextual conversation with your target audience. This environment is also particularly beneficial for keeping your employees on the same page in the age of hybrid work.

Vonage Business Communications

Otherwise known as VBC, Vonage Business Communications empowers and supports companies worldwide across a variety of communication channels. You can connect your teams through messaging, SMS, voice, fax, social media, and video meetings, without having to ask team members to jump between different apps.


Vonage’s ecosystem promises a powerful 99.999% uptime reliability level and exceptional quality of service. You’ll also have access to global reach in over 40 countries, and more than 50 business phone features intended to help you control more of your day-to-day conversations.

Webex Calling

Webex Calling is another solution outside of Cisco Jabber offered by the larger Cisco brand for Unified Communications as a Service. Webex Calling comes as part of a comprehensive Webex ecosystem, where you can find tools for collaboration, content sharing and more.


The Webex ecosystem gives companies access to a comprehensive set of cloud calling features, including business numbers which ring on any device, and a centralized environment for messaging, meetings, and calls. You’ll also have access to a comprehensive administrative system where managers and business leaders can have complete control over the calling capabilities business users can access.


Equipped with its own built-in CRM to help you keep track of customer conversations and relationships, Nextiva is great for building better relationships with clients. The Nextiva all-in-one phone system connects all the tools you need for easy collaboration and communication, including video, VoIP, and chat, while providing a 99.999% uptime.


Packages from Nextiva are perfect for powering a wide range of companies, with unlimited calling, texting, and faxing nationwide, and 24/7 support offered by the customer service team. There’s also free toll-free access, virtual voicemail, and auto attendant features built into each plan.

GoTo Connect

Promising an all-in-one ecosystem for phone, meetings, and messaging, GoTo Connect is a simple and convenient tool for the new age of hybrid work and digital communication. You get HD video conferencing included with every license, and getting your system up and running takes no time with the help of a convenient visual editor for call routing.


Since today’s team members use a range of tools to stay connected, GoTo ensures they can jump between each device easily, staying connected when they’re on their mobile app, desktop app, or leveraging existing desk phone investments. As an added bonus, everything is easy to use, and there are extra features to explore, like auto-attendants and number porting.


MightyCall brings SMBs a fast, easy, secure, and reliable VoIP business phone system so companies can run their customer communications smoothly and efficiently. With CRM integrations built into the system, MightyCall works great to complement any other SaaS.


If you need a business phone system, MightyCall doesn’t require any hardware, so can be running in minutes, has 99.99% call uptime that you can rely on, and comes with a complete set of VoIP features included in the monthly plans instead of as add-ons—saving you money without sacrificing system flexibility.

Cisco Jabber

A convenient ecosystem of tools built for the modern age of work, Cisco Jabber allows businesses to connect their teams through video conferencing, voice messaging, VoIP, desktop sharing, presence, and instant messaging. The unified solution is intuitive and easy-to-use, with mobile and web applications your team members can access wherever they might be working from.


Jabber offers access to Cisco’s incredible worldwide reliability when it comes to call quality and meeting resiliency. You also get a central hub environment as a Jabber administrator, where you can assign numbers and control the access your team members have to certain applications and tools.


Zoom started life as the tool responsible for introducing the world to the age of video-first communications. While you can still use Zoom for video conferencing today, the company also has its own comprehensive UCaaS platform. Zoom’s UCaaS solution combines Zoom Meetings for video sessions, with chat (instant messaging) and telephony.


Alongside VoIP and video, users also get access to comprehensive meeting room hardware with Zoom Rooms, and Zoom Webinar for large events and broadcasting sessions. Zoom was named a “Leader” in the Gartner Magic Quadrant for UCaaS during the company’s first year of eligibility in the space.