Top 10 UC Network Management Solutions

Published on
08/09/2020 10:50 AM

Network service management solutions provide business leaders with a full end-to-end overview of their network and how it works. Previously, they focused exclusively on the IT landscape and the flow of connected resources in a business. However, an evolution in the communications environment has driven the rise of UC network management too. 

Currently, network management services for the UC landscape is still a relatively new concept. However, there are many vendors out there providing a helpful insight into how your communication landscape operates.  

Here are some of the best UC network management solutions available today. 

VOSS Solutions

VOSS Solutions is the market leader in the UC network and service management environment. According to Nemertes research, VOSS provides the lowest total cost of ownership for all enterprise communications. What’s more, companies that choose Voss for management and monitoring spend 7% less per year on operating costs. 

VOSS UC network management tools integrate everything from UC fulfilment and assurance to accounting and service monitoring across multiple UC vendors. What's more, having a range of insights in a single portal makes handling the UC stack less complicated. With VOSS, organisations can manage all UC applications from UC vendors in the same place. 


Cisco is one of the world leaders in UC tools, and UC-as-a-Service. As part of the comprehensive communication portfolio that UC offers, business leaders can access the Cisco Prime Collection. This is a comprehensive collection of applications that supports secure and enhanced network infrastructure. 

The network management applications provided by Cisco’s management suite help to enhance operational efficiency. These apps are tailored to provide complete monitoring and reporting services, as well as support for provisioning and operations. What’s more, everything works together on a unified Cisco backend environment. 


A lack of UC network visibility frequently leads to poor connection quality between data centres, on-premise sites, and other tools. That’s why it’s important to have a comprehensive environment for network assessment. IR provides Prognosis for Unified Communication to solve this issue, as well as the UC Assessor tool.

The Prognosis application is a complete experience and performance management service for enterprise UC. It covers voice, collaboration, and video systems, making it easier to monitor and preserve full communication landscapes. Additionally, the UC Assessor provides a cloud-based network that tests your environment and makes sure that it’s performing well at any moment. You can even use the Assessor to test for VoIP and UC readiness. 

Riverbed SteelCentral

Riverbed SteelCentral is another top-performing solution providing essential solutions to UC managers. The SteelCentral environment offers complete visibility into all the different parts of your network, servers, and applications. The same service works for everything from Cisco communication tools, Microsoft Skype for Business, and Avaya UC. 

By rapidly collecting data from your devices, application services, and end-user reports, SteelCentral makes it easier to see what’s happening in your network with absolute global visibility. There’s a multi-tenant user interface that supports vendors with a common dashboard and convenient troubleshooting workflows. 


NetScout provides today’s business leaders with the end-to-end visibility they need to understand how the UC environment operates. With NetScout, business leaders can find performance problems before they throttle your services. NetScout ensures that you can take the offence against any degradations in your UC system performance. You’ll be able to triage and identify problems with your service and easily manage service delivery problems across a multi-vendor environment. 

NetScout provides access to tools that ensure consistent and reliable service levels for both voice and video communications. Additionally, the easy-to-use backend system supports the entire IT team. You can even use the system to roll out patches on time. 


For companies in search of end-to-end UC monitoring and troubleshooting, Mentol offers a convenient and easy-to-use environment. In particular, Mentol Pro takes a multi-step approach to network management. The solution monitors and measures UC network traffic, with helpful visualisations of historical data.

With Mentol Pro, you can also find and deal with the root cause of failures and other problems. Mentol Pro sends messages to your team with detailed information whenever it recognises an issue in your network. Overall, the full service helps business leaders to keep their telecommunications running smoothly with an intuitive interface, convenient dashboard, and plenty of information. 


As a market leader in UC technology, Intrado knows how to support companies that have a heavy reliance on communication tools. This company provides a complete WAN management system and solution for network monitoring with its Maxxis offering. This advanced enterprise service provides tools for easily managing hardware, VLANs, circuits, and more. 

Maxxis promises a fully managed network monitoring and management solution where business leaders can track the health of their entire network. You can access a wide selection of reports, complete with detailed performance data on a user-friendly dashboard. Maxxis also helps with guiding teams towards proactive network optimisation. 


Microfocus provides a collection of tools for UC network management and support. These products include AppManager for various network applications, Vivinet Assessor, and Vivinet Diagnostics. With the UC-focused services from Microfocus, businesses can assess their network readiness before committing to VoIP deployments. You can predict quality of service, anticipate bottlenecks, and even constantly monitor call quality. 

With access to an end-to-end overview of your communication tools, it’s easy to see where issues are arising. There’s also the option to reduce the skills and times required to resolve issues with voice quality. 

VIAVI Solutions

The VIAVI company promises end-users a better insight into communication performance and potential threat scenarios. According to VIAVI, the better you understand your network and the way that your communication applications perform, the easier it is to save on money and productivity. 

VIAVI’s solutions for network management come with a variety of tools for tracking and proactively identifying significant network issues within a communication landscape. Businesses can access solutions for problem diagnosis, out-of-the-box workflows, and IT team support. The intelligence available from the Observer platform also comes with access to complete packet data for high-level security investigations. 


A leading communications company, Verizon is in an excellent position to support companies in their search for better UC management. As new technologies evolve and cloud infiltrates the workplace, companies are consistently looking for reliable ways to modernise the network. Verizon can help.

Verizon provides UC network management tools through professional services and team support. Signing up for this professional services solution will give businesses access to in-depth guidance to help them align technical communication implementations. The specialists available from Verizon can guide you through technologies at every stage of the communication cycle. Thanks to expertise, guidance, and support, business leaders can ensure they’re developing a network that’s ready for the future.