Top 10 System Integrator Companies to Consider in 2022

Published on
04/04/2022 10:23 AM

Companies are becoming increasingly reliant on disparate tools, technologies, and applications to keep their teams running smoothly. Finding ways to synergise this landscape, by bringing various innovations and systems together, is one of the best ways to ensure a comprehensive single-pane-of-glass environment for productivity. 

System integrator companies are experts dedicated to helping brands align essential software and hardware in their digital transformation stacks. These innovators are becoming increasingly essential in a post-pandemic era, where entire businesses are run in a digital landscape. 

The question is, which system integrator companies are leading the way in 2022?

Here are some of our top picks to help you make the right choice. 

10. Aspire Systems

Offering a holistic approach to data and application management, Aspire System promises brands an innovative way to upgrade their technology stack. Created to address the challenges of a rapidly-changing landscape full of cloud, SaaS, and APIs, Aspire Systems’ approach to Systems Integration is wonderfully modern and flexible. The versatile enterprise integration offering ensures you can both connect your disparate systems and make the more efficient.

Aspire Systems works with business leaders to understand their end-to-end technology landscape, and organise them for better levels of productivity, efficiency, and scalability. Aspire Systems can even help to make tracking technology for compliance purposes more straightforward. 

9. CGI

Committed to helping brands make the most of their digitally-transforming technology ecosystem, CGI offers a wide range of systems integration services from the back office to the front office environment. This digital innovator ensures business leaders can connect the multitude of different tools and applications their employees are using every day, to maintain productivity. 

The services and solutions available from CGI also include access to managed business process services, advanced analytics, and support for intelligent automation, so you can make the most of your connected ecosystem once you’re done building it. 

8. Boomi

An innovator in the Systems Integration landscape, Boomi has achieved the position as “Leader” in the Gartner Magic Quadrant for integration platforms as a service for 8 years in a row. The company offers an environment built for the cloud-first and SaaS-driven ecosystem. 

Boomi’s integration platform can help teams to intelligently connect applications and automate workflows at the same time. The technology is easy to use, so companies can save time and money on hiring consultants to help with their system integration strategy. What’s more, the technology is built to work with a wide range of applications and tools, so you don’t have to leave anything out of your digital ecosystem. 

7. Infosys

A well-known company in the Systems Integrations landscape, Infosys offers companies a convenient way to align databases, processes, applications, and network resources. Via the cloud cobalt services portfolio, Infosys offers an “Integration as a Service” solution. This managed services model is ideal for companies who want to simplify their cloud integration projects. 

The Infosys cloud integration services can empower the seamless flow of data and technology across systems in hybrid environments, building API layers into business services. The robust offering allows for rapid integration of on-premises applications, SaaS and PaaS, social media services, and even third-party gateways. 

6. Tata Consultancy Services

Tata Consultancy Services, otherwise known as TCI, offers a range of Systems Integrator services and consulting support for companies aligning various forms of technology and applications. The latest version of the TCS solution promises everything from zero-touch network provisioning to maximum virtualisation, and security enhancement strategies. 

TCS helps companies to integrate their existing tools with modern technology platforms, so they can stay ahead of the latest challenges in their industry. All the while, the TCS services portfolio aims to deliver transformational experiences while keeping disruption to a minimum. 

5. Accenture

Widely regarded one of the top Systems Integrations solutions in the digital world, Accenture has maintained a top spot in this industry for decades. With more than 30 years of experience, Accenture has a proven track record of assisting enterprises with truly transformative projects. 

The Accenture cloud environment is particularly valuable for companies looking to bring a multitude of flexible environments together in a SaaS-driven technology stack. Accenture can help with everything from integrating your technology, to providing the consulting and guidance you need for the next stage in your digital transformation imitative. 

4. IBM

IBM is one of the most successful companies in the systems integration landscape with a focus on cloud technology. The company offers a comprehensive environment where businesses can build a complete ecosystem of tools and technology, accessible within the cloud. This flexible landscape is particularly valuable at a time when hybrid and remote working is growing more popular.

The IBM technology offers access to automated, AI-driven repeatable formats and low-code tooling so you can develop your integrations faster. You can also use various different integration styles to keep costs low and boost efficiency levels. 

3. Deloitte

Systems Integration is just one of the many advanced IT-focused services offered by the experts at Deloitte. With Deloitte’s help, companies can harness the full power of all their technologies, tools, and applications in a synchronised environment. The brand offers a combination of advisory and implementation services, to help you get the most of your technology portfolio. 

With a team of dedicated experts to answer all of your questions, Deloitte ensures companies can transform even the most complicated integration strategies into a simple, and straightforward process for success. You can even learn how to design and test integrated environments before you launch changes, to minimise the risk of mistakes. 

2. Cognizant

A Systems Integrator market leader for several years, Cognizant assists companies from all backgrounds in their quest to modernize and align technology. This state-of-the-art technology company is committed to helping brands understand how their technology can work more efficiently together to transform experiences and enhance processes. 

Not only can Cognizant help with aligning the various applications and tools your business employees and users access, but they can also help with automating processes too. A comprehensive workflow automation platform is also available through Cognizant Neuro. 

1. Capgemini

One of the better-known technology brands in the world today, and an innovator in system integration, Capgemini has helped countless brands to evolve over the years. The systems integration solutions offered by this company focuses on giving brands a collaborative, comprehensive way of working in a digitally-evolving landscape. 

The service integration solution involves working hand-in-hand with Capgemini to discover ways of not just linking technology, but reducing time to value, increasing risk, and improving flexibility for the business.