Top 10 SaaS Startups to Watch Out For in 2023

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Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) is a business model where software is sold on a subscription basis to digital customers. The software is often located on a remote cloud network or central server, and users access its services via accounts based on different subscription models. 

The first SaaS solution came in 1999 when Salesforce launched its customer relationship management platform, but since then, it has seen exponential growth, with services like Netflix, Canva, AdobeCreative Suite and Microsoft 365 extending upon the SaaS model to billions of users around the world. 

When the pandemic hit in 2020, it was the first time the global workforce became restricted to their houses and reliant on SaaS cloud services as they turned to remote working. This reliance has only continued into the new, post-pandemic age, and SaaS startups, especially those based on a serverless cloud, will define the new era of SaaS innovation. Together, they are predicted to create a new, trillion-dollar industry in the years to come.

In this list, we’ll take a look at ten of the SaaS startups expected to take hold of this new industry in the new year and become as their innovative, cloud-based platforms take the enterprise world by storm.

Founded in 2021, is a cloud-native cybersecurity platform that helps businesses mitigate the risk of cyber threats by identifying breaches before they happen. Its service plants trackable data into company databases and then uses AI to scout out undetected data leakage incidents, significantly reducing incident costs.  

With the rate of cyber incidents and the cost of solutions increasing rapidly, many companies are finding themselves unable to fully protect themselves from threat actors, leading to catastrophic attacks on infrastructure and undetected data breaches.’s cost-effective solution, however, may become popular in 2023 as cybersecurity trends evolve and IT leaders rely on innovative solutions to combat the ever-growing threat. 



Adwisely is an e-commerce SaaS solution that allows eCommerce stores to manage ads efficiently by automating key processes in ad moderation. From creating campaigns in just a few clicks to saving time by handling audiences, creatives and big optimisation, Adwisely simplifies complicated tasks for eCommerce SMBS while reducing costs, saving time and creating more reliable service. 

In 2023, successful ad campaigns will be critical to advertisers faced with macroeconomic challenges, and Adwisely’s growing popularity and low cost may a viable platform for SMBs to maintain quality ads on their sites. 


Eloomi’s unique SaaS solution to training and education helps businesses develop their employees and leaders throughout the employment process. The software is readily available, allowing organisations to easily onboard new employers, deliver relevant educational content and strengthen productivity and performance. 

Eloomi has seen unprecedented growth since it was founded in 2015 and now boasts a worldwide customer base in over 25 countries, with increasing demand across all market sectors. In a post-pandemic age in which employees move jobs more regularly, having effective training options is set to be more important than ever before for business leaders, and Eloomi’s SaaS platform will be key to making this possible.



Phyllo was founded in 2021 in San Francisco and provides APIs with a way to continuously access permissioned data from the creators’ economy. This access enables enterprises and other creators to monitor their data and optimise their strategies to get the best results possible. 

With the rise of social media platforms like Tiktok and Instagram creating new, influential platforms for enterprises to market for, Phyllo will allow organisations to take full control of this platform and make informed decisions based on reliable data and analytics. As of the start of 2023, Phyllo has raised $17.8 million through seed investment and has so far reached $594,000 in revenue for 2023.



Yac’s solves many of the difficulties faced by the remote workforce by championing pre-recorded messaging on its social platform. It encourages teams to communicate through voice messages and screen recordings instead of meetings to allow companies that work internationally to constantly stay connected regardless of their time differences. 

Each aspect of the Yac platform has been specially designed for the remote workforce, with enhanced screen recording tools allowing teams to digitally collaborate in ways like never before. With many huge companies like Spotify, Hubspot, and Panther already employing Yac to support their remote workforces, the SaaS platform is only set to grow and improve as it gains funding and new users in 2023.



Zeevou streamlines the hospitality business process by providing a tool for business leaders to manage some of the greatest challenges the sector faces. Whether it's guest vetting, booking, communication or accounting, Zeevou has a solution that simplifies each process through cutting-edge AI automation, industry-leading training, and world-class support. 

Providing free basic access to its services, Zeevou also acts as a social platform for hospitality leaders, allowing experts and managers to collaborate and help each other solve complex challenges. Since its founding in 2019, Zeevou has exploded in popularity, and since then it has become a household name in the hospitality community, winning the Best Chanel Manager Award at the Shortyz 2020.


Eqtble is a HR platform that uses the power of AI to give businesses valuable insight into their employees. Championing diversity, equity and inclusivity, Eqtble’s People Analytics as a Service platform pairs experts with a powerful platform that allows organisations to make the most from data, people and their business strategies and make well-informed recruitment decisions. 

Today’s ever-evolving workforce relies on diversity to spark innovation, and the  Eqtble platform may play a critical role in aiding recruitment and HR teams during the looming economic turbulence.



Though originally founded in 1996, the Zoho platform has grown exponentially over the past few years, boasting over 45 SaaS products, 50 million consumers and over 4500+ employees. Now one of the top SaaS providers in India, Zoho’s product package includes CRM, Mail, Office Suite, Finance, Customer Support ad more, allowing organisations to easily work in unison to facilitate business operations. 

As organisations around the world continue to adapt to the hybridisation of their workforce in 2023, Zoho’s productivity and collaboration software will be key in allowing them to unify their remote, in-office and hybrid employees.



Lemlist’s email outreach platform greatly improves upon email open and engagement rates by creating a way for email marketers to easily personalise cold emails, automate follow-ups and engage with leads across a variety of different channels. Its SaaS services are designed with the enterprise in mind, integrating CRMs project management and conferencing tools all in one package. 

In 2023, creating effective email marketing will be one of the most effective B2B marketing strategies as one of the most cost-effective methods for companies facing challenging economic headwinds. Lemlist has recently passed $10m in APR without any prior funding, and this exponential growth is only set to explode in 2023 and beyond.



Founded in 2017, ClickUp now become one of the world’s leading productivity and project management tools after exploding in popularity in 2022. Clickup streamlines communication within a company, simplifies workflows, gives solid goal overviews, and offers data-driven productivity insights to allow businesses to make the right decisions. 

The platform replaces many other productivity apps – such as those used for group chat, project management and task completion – by integrating them all into one, simplified interface with over 35 tools readily available to its users. The platform is available on iOS, Android and web apps, and is designed for teams both big and small, making it a viable SaaS solution for a variety of organisations across multiple industries. In 2021, ClickUp reached a $4 billion valuation and has since seen explosive growth in both 2022 and beyond.