Top 10 Regression Testing Tools for 2022


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When completed effectively, regression testing gives software teams the opportunity to ensure their entire application will continue to work correctly after a code change. After all, even the smallest change to an application’s code can make a huge difference to its performance. Whether you’re changing existing features, or just fixing bugs, regression testing is essential. 

As applications continue to grow in complexity, and every business strives to deliver the best possible user experience, regression testing tools are growing increasingly popular. These solutions help to simplify, optimise, and even automate various aspects of the regression testing process. 

The question is, which regression testing tools are the most valuable in 2022?



Otherwise known as “Web Application Testing in Ruby”, Watir is an open-source platform built on the Ruby on Rails ecosystem. This solution comes with an extremely user-friendly interface which allows users to test the functionality of every app by examining the underlying code. You can also leverage this tool with fewer programming skills than some alternative solutions. 

Watir is extremely flexible, so you can integrate the system with virtually every tool to assist with failure identification. The lightweight tool is perfect for testing web apps, and comes with phenomenal cross-platform support. This open-source offering is already popular among major companies like Oracle and SAP.


IBM Rational Functional Tester

More than just a regression testing tool, IBM’s Rational Functional Tester enables automating testing for GUI, functional, and data-driven testing. The automated tool provides powerful features for testing a range of applications, with storyboard testing, automated testing, and test scripting features. You can also integrate the ecosystem with a range of existing tools. 

With support for team collaboration, IBM’s rational tester can allow users to share functional tests across team members and run campaigns on hybrid environments. There’s also a useful environment for easy script maintenance for future tests.



Subject7 may be one of the best regression testing options on the market for agile teams. The solution is a cloud-based and codeless test automation solution capable of unifying all modes of testing into a single platform. The easy-to-use platform enables fast and sophisticated authoring of test flows and high-scale escalations to run countless tests in the cloud.

Ready to integrate with a variety of agile and DevOps testing solutions, Subject7 is equipped with native plugins, open APIs, and more. There’s also a flexible reporting system where you can examine valuable results from your tests with video capture. As an added bonus, the solution is completely SSOC 2 Type 2 compliant.


Cerberus Testing

100% open-source and perfect for low-code workflows, Cerberus Testing is a cloud-based test automation platform. The environment supports web, mobile, desktop, database, and API testing, with an easy-to-use interface which requires minimal development skills. The web interface comes with a low-code test library and reusable test components and modules. You can also use parallel execution with remote and local testing farms. 

For those making frequent changes to their code, there’s a solution for continuous testing with an in-built scheduling feature. You can also access a comprehensive range of dashboards, reports and analytics for unlocking deeper insights.


Appsurify TestBrain

Built for companies who want to test smarter, not harder, Appsurify allows developers and QA engineers to run tests more frequently, and speed up cycle times. The plug-and-play machine learning testing tool can save you up to 90% of time your teams would normally spend completing regression tests. You can even plug the tool into existing testing environments on-premises and in the cloud, and get the system running within a matter of minutes. 

Unlike most tools in the modern world, Appsurify is designed specifically to alleviate most of the problems commonly associated with regression testing, like long execution times and delayed test results. You can even prevent flaky tests from breaking your build.


Sahi Pro

Sahi Pro is one of the better-known automated regression testing tools on the market. It’s one of the most popular options for testing large web applications quickly, with minimal maintenance efforts. The smart accessor mechanism ensures the test script remains solid, regardless to changes in the UI. There’s also in-built logging and reporting features, with the option to email reports to stakeholders.

Wonderfully easy to use, Sahi Pro comes with no need for special training, and various built-in APIs to get you started. You’ll only need basic coding skills to get started, and there are various custom functions to experiment too. There’s also a DD CSV file for script execution.



A powerful tool for all kinds of testing requirements, TestComplete allows businesses to quickly build and automate their regression tests in a convenient interface. The automated UI testing tool takes advantage of Artificial Intelligence for desktop, web, and mobile testing practices. What’s more, the flexible ecosystem can integrate with a range of existing tools in your tech stack.

TestComplete is trusted by some of the biggest brands around the world, including Cisco and Thomson Reuters. It allows users to identify and fix bugs in codes quickly. Plus, you can automatically schedule and run regression tests without manual intervention. This is a particularly useful tool for GUI testing.


Katalon Studio

Leveraging the foundations of Appium and Selenium, Katalon Studio uses the latest in testing technology to help users create and perform powerful tests. Recommended by Gartner Peer Insights, this lightweight solution works on a range of MacOS, Linux, and Windows devices. What’s more, Katalon supports testing for web, mobile, API, and desktop applications. 

Created to be easier to use for beginners, Katalon Studio comes with infinite testing extensions for those with plugin requirements, and comes with robust recording and spying features. There are also various testing methodologies to explore, including data-driven and keyword-driven tests. A robust community makes it easy to find support too.


Ranorex Studio

Built to shorten regression testing cycles, Ranorex studio is an all-in-one solution for the automation of tests for desktop, mobile and web apps. Used by countless leading companies worldwide, Ranorex is a trusted solution with an easy-to-use interface. The service comes with a codeless interface and various helpful wizards, as well as full IDE access. 

With Ranorex Studio, companies can unlock shareable object repositories and reusable code modules for test creation. There’s data-driven and keyword-driven testing, as well as reliable object identification. You can also integrate your ecosystem with a variety of popular tools like Git, Jira and Jenkins for advanced insights.



Selenium is one of the better-known and most popular tools for all forms of testing in the application space. You can use the same ecosystem for functional, acceptance, and performance testing workflows. The technology benefits from an extensive library of extensions and plugins, as well as support for numerous third-party integrations. 

QAs leveraging Selenium also don’t have to learn new languages to automate their tests. There are various language bindings for Java, PHP, Rub, Python, and C#. You’ll also have access to a robust community of professionals you can tap into for extra guidance. If you’re looking for a versatile toolkit this could be the environment for you.