Top 10 Promising AI Startups of 2022

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In today’s world, artificial intelligence has evolved from a novel concept for growing companies, to a mainstay of the technological landscape. In virtually every industry, business leaders are consistently looking for ways to innovate with intelligent systems, automations, bots, and machine learning. 

Currently, the AI landscape is developing at break-neck speed, accelerated by the challenges of the pandemic. By 2030, the market is set to be worth $1,811.8 billion, growing at a CAGR of around 38.1%. In this ecosystem, certain startups are beginning to generate significant popularity.

Here are some of the most promising AI startups to start gaining speed in 2022.

Frame AI

Built to empower the next age of customer experience, Frame AI was originally founded in 2016, but interest in the company has begun really heating up in the last year. Frame is developing one of the world’s top customer success platforms, offering companies a way to access data so they can eliminate indecision, and track customer sentiment. 

The “Voice of the customer” platform created by Frame helps business leaders to understand customer needs, translate voice into insights, and process organic feedback from all customers. The solution also comes with powerful cross-functional reporting, so organisations can make valuable decisions based on available data points.



Netra identifies itself as a “comprehension company”, invested in the potential of data analytics for business transformation. The company originally launched in 2013, and has seen various peaks in interest across the last couple of years, as businesses begin to invest more time and finances into AI tools capable of pulling insights from video data. 

Netra’s automated and patented platform is crucial in the age of visual content, where brands are beginning to rely more on video and images for meaningful insights. The Netra solution has dedicated tools for drawing information from Live-stream content, text, and video recordings. There’s even a flexible API to add Netra’s functionality to your existing applications.



One of the biggest market leaders in healthcare AI solutions, is a world-changing start-up in 2022. The solution offers healthcare leaders a platform where they can track crucial patient information and insights in real-time. The automated tools can even alert healthcare teams as soon as information about a patient is processed from X-rays and similar processes. was created to replace the outdated and inefficient care practices most healthcare facilities are familiar with, while allowing care teams to save time and money. What’s more, the easy-to-use platform can help to protect against data leakage issues, while opening the door to a better level of personalised patient care.



Founded in 2016, Argo is an AI start-up with a dream of building the first fully-integrated self-driving system for autonomous vehicles. The company is building self-driving products and services with a focus on making streets and roadways safer everywhere in the world. The AI in use by the company integrates with all of the organisation’s apps, software, and hardware, while combining with automaker expertise in vehicle development. 

One of the most exciting components of Argo’s technology is its patented AI LIDAR system. This solution allows the technology to develop real-time models of obstacles and roads, so self-driving cars maintain a clear picture of the route ahead. Argo’s autonomy platform is already capturing the attention of leading brands like Volkswagen, Lyft, and Ford.



For the last 10 years, DataRobot has been gradually making a name for itself as a powerful leader in enterprise AI tools. The company has already received more than $1 billion in investments, and has partnerships with major clients like Lenovo and Kroger. 

DataRobot offers a comprehensive AI platform where data science and analytics experts can work with IT and DevOps team to power incredible decision making opportunities. The state-of-the-art technology drives meaningful insights into business operations, and creates visual intelligence reports, to help company leaders to plan new strategies for success. The all-in-one ecosystem aims to help the world make better decisions at speed. 



A company in the blockchain and artificial intelligence space, Accubits has successfully captured the attention of various major Fortune 500 companies, governments, and other enterprises. The business positions itself as an intelligent business partner, capable of developing new customised artificial intelligence tools for the specific needs of each company.

Accubits researches and develops AI solutions for a host of different industries, as well as providing consulting guidance for business leaders in the midst of digital transformation. With Accubits, organisations can discover new ways of embedding AI into their existing operations, or develop entirely new strategies from scratch.



Osaro is an innovative AI start-up committed to the future of Industry 4.0 and the manufacturing landscape. The company is best-known for solving the problem if bringing AI automation into industrial environments at scale, while maintaining quality and safety. Promising smarter automation for every brand, Osaro’s AI technology allows for the development of nimble and innovative robotics. 

The technology created by this company has already been introduced to various production plans, grocery stores, distribution centres and more. Solutions available from the start-up include a phenomenal induction system, piece picking tool, and bagging system.



Another top AI start-up in 2022 looking into the future of autonomous and self-driving vehicles is AEye. This emerging company is built around a vision or a safer future, where trucks, logistics companies, and automotive manufacturers can work more extensively with artificial intelligence. The company has its own trademarked “iDAR" technology, which combines AI software with cameras for robotic vision, and LIDAR solutions.

AEye concentrates on giving machines and computers more insights into the roads around them when it comes to autonomous vehicle creation. The software-defined solution has become one of the most promising in the self-driving vehicle landscape.

One of the major AI startups concentrating on bringing artificial intelligence to the customer experience world and the contact centre, is an intelligent workplace platform. The solution accelerates revenue opportunities and transforms conversations by infusing intelligence into every customer conversation. The tools can optimise agent performance, automate workflows, and provide behind-the-scenes insights into customer sentiment.

Already,’s customers are seeing significant benefits from the platform, reducing risk issues by 40%, and improving empathy scores by 32%. What’s more, vendors using have reported an operational efficiency increase of 87% on average.



Ideal in a world searching for a new level of excellent employee experience, Moveworks focuses on helping employers to create the best possible workplace. The conversational analytics platform uses natural language understanding and probabilistic machine learning to support employees in every environment – even in the age of hybrid work.

This AI solutions helps HR leaders to deliver personalised assistance to employees wherever they are, with automated troubleshooting for common questions, and custom tools for every type of staff member. Moveworks can handle everything from answering customer questions, to completing tasks on behalf of IT experts.