Top 10 Network Transformation Solutions

Published on
28/08/2020 08:06 PM

Next-generation network solutions are crucial for business growth. Today, companies in all industries are beginning to look to the future with their digital strategies. This means that organisations are experimenting more with tools like AI for network optimisation and automation systems.

Whether you’re looking into edge computing to enhance your network, or you need support with gaining real-time insights from your connections, there are countless companies available to help. Here, we’re going to examine ten of the leading network transformation solutions available today. 


Leading communications company, Cisco, offers network transformation and orchestration as part of its digital transformation stack. With Cisco’s cloud-based technology, business leaders can rapidly launch new services, automate service delivery, and even reduce network operational costs. 

One of the primary technologies driving Cisco today is Software-Defined access. This empowers organisations to deliver quick access to applications and tools, without compromising on security. The Digital Network Architecture from Cisco delivers an open and programmable experience that mitigates security threats and helps to manage the scale of connected devices.


VMWare network transformation centres around the idea of 5G and the acceleration of connections. The VMWare Telco cloud delivers a software-defined and automated telecommunications cloud built on a powerful platform, complete with 5G access.

VMWare’s NFV-based system is ideal for both 4G and 5G performance, with a convenient all-in-one architecture. This technology supports the networks of today while offering one of the fastest ways to bridge the gap to 5G. Companies can even automate service assurance across all of their cloud, virtual, and physical VNFs in the same place. 

Dell EMC

Companies looking for a convenient way to enhance their network environment can access next-level functionality with Dell EMC. The networking portfolio here helps companies to meet the demands of their growing workloads with edge computing, core computing, and the cloud. There’s a variety of automation tools available for enhancing workflow, and powerful tools in the cloud too. 

Dell EMC is also working on its own strategy for 5G transformation in the business landscape. Companies keen to take this low-latency approach to getting online will be able to find low-cost solutions for migration within the Dell portfolio. 

Juniper Networks

Juniper Networks offers a comprehensive selection of transformation tools for today’s network. The transformation portfolio comes with a traffic engineering solution offering complete visibility and granular control over the network. Additionally, the company provides a cloud platform that can integrate with the open stack distribution environment.

The Juniper next-generation network offering helps clients to automate configuration, resource provisioning, computing operations, storage, and more. Additionally, these solutions are powered by a comprehensive data collection engine. This means that companies can access more meaningful insights into business networks for stronger decision making. 

Aryaka Networks

If you’re looking for a cost-effective and reliable way to reduce network outages and improve performance, Aryaka has you covered. The company supports the rising demand for pioneering cloud solutions with multi-cloud environments, managed services, and more. The best-in-class WAN transformation products from Aryaka Networks are at the heart of its network transformation package. 

Aryaka believes that WAN transformation is an essential part of the comprehensive digital transformation strategy that most companies are pursuing today. Aryaka won the Network Transformation Awards Best SD-WAN title in 2019.


Citrix has a portfolio of tools for companies engaging in digital transformation strategies. As companies continue to realize that their traditional branch networks aren’t transformation ready, many are turning to Citrix for a solution in SD-WAN technology. The Citrix team is committed to helping businesses of all sizes evolve by replacing MPLS with internet services. 

Citrix network transformation tools come with access to everything from optimization and orchestration services, to migration to move tools into the cloud. There are also elements of automation available too.

Century Link

Another innovator in the network transformation environment, Century Link delivers support for all businesses looking to take their network to the next level. Century Link’s network strategy comes as part of a full digital transformation portfolio. This solution offers access to agile cloud transformation, cloud computing at the edge, and automation too.

With Century Link, companies can get a more agile view of their environment and ensure that they understand how traffic is moving in their network. The Century Link solution is ideal for today’s increase in cloud mobility and data.

Silver Peak


Silver Peak is one of the world’s most popular market leaders in SD-WAN transformation and network evolution. The Unity Edge Connect solution from Silver Peak delivers a higher return on investment for companies that want to unlock the potential of cloud services and applications.

The Edge Connect system from Silver Peak delivers functionality for today’s cloud-based enterprises, helping companies to collect the data required to manage continuous growth and change in the business landscape. The agile and intuitive cloud platform means that companies can see every aspect of the network from end-to-end.


VeloCloud delivers network transformation through SD-WAN. With support for application growth, network agility, and easy branch implementations, VeloCloud has it all. The agile network environment means that you can unlock new levels of growth for your applications, while experiencing optimized access to cloud data centres.

The VeloCloud network transformation service builds on top of VMWare, giving companies the chance to deploy an environment that’s seamless, cost-effective, and scalable. You can grow and shrink your solution whenever and however you choose. 

Cato Networks

An innovator in network transformation solutions, Cato Networks, combines security and networks into a single cloud, that’s centrally managed. Through SD-WAN as a service offerings, Cato can give growing businesses access to a holistic solution or complete business transformation. The global and secure SD-WAN environment provides a reliable backbone for company network transformation.

Additionally, all of Cato Network’s transformation solutions come with security built into the core. Enterprise-grade and elastic security services work alongside your transformation tools to make building and migrating data on the cloud as secure and compliant as possible.