Top 10 Most Influential Black People in Tech

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The technology landscape hasn’t always been the most diverse environment. For years, the space has largely been dominated by white males, making it harder for people of color and other genders to be recognised for their phenomenal accomplishments. 

That being said, black people have been responsible for some of the most important innovations in the tech industry over the years. 

In the United Kingdom, October is Black History month, and an opportunity to give some of the phenomenal black individuals in tech the commendation they deserve. Today, we’re celebrating some of the most influential figures driving the market today.

Stacy Brown-Philpot

A CEO, Fortune 100 director, and technology advisory, Stacy Brown-Philpot has an incredible history in the technology sector. Currently, she’s a Board Director for the Noom company, and StockX, as well as NordStrom, and HP. Stack is the CEO of TaskRabbit, a brand committed to the evolution of the gig economy and remote work.

Part of what makes Stacy Brown-Philpot so influential is her dedication to helping others follow in her footsteps. Not only is she active on social media, but she appears frequently at events to share her experiences with the wider technology community. Stacy is also one of the Founding Members of the SoftBank Opportunity fund, designed to invest in Native American, Black and Latinx founders. 


Tope Awotona

As the founder and CEO of Calendly, Tope Awotona has played a crucial role in influencing the future of work. His incredible technology assists today’s team members in staying ahead of their to-do-list and managing their schedules. Tope was also a bored member for the Salesloft company, and has an extensive background in the software space.

Named as one of the biggest Black Tech billionaires in the United States, the Nigerian Native has emerged as one of the most successful African American entrepreneurs of his generation. He’s an active figure on social media too sharing insights and updates on the Calendly brand. 


Kimberly Bryant

Easily one of the most influential figures in the technology landscape for both black individuals and women alike, Kimberly Bryant is a pioneer in her space. As the founder of “Black Girls CODE”, Kimberly created a non-profit organisation committed to helping girls of colour discover the technology and computer science environment. 

Bryant currently works as an Advisor for Living Corporate, and as the CEO for Ascend Ventures Tech, which keeps her busy when she’s not investing in the future of Black Girls Code. Before changing the coding landscape forever, Kimberly also spent about a decade building her experience in the biotechnology space.

Ime Archibong

Ime’s history in the technology landscape is impressive. Not only did he spent more than 6 years working with IBM as a crucial part of the tech team, but he also has also assisted in the development of the Meta (previously Facebook) brand for the last 12 years. Today, Ime is the Head of New Product Experimentation for Meta, at a time when the company is exploring incredible new environments. 

He’s among the highest-ranking black executives in the company, and an unofficial leader of Black Employee affairs for the brand. Additionally, Archibong is listed as an inventor on more than 1,000 patents, highlighting his incredible position as a technology pioneer.

Jon Gosier

An executive producer, film financer, and serial entrepreneur, Jon Gosier is the mastermind behind the analysis start-up Metalayer. He also created a global innovation consultancy named Apprifca, alongside various non-profit organisations like Abayima and HiveColab. This incredible innovator is one of the most successful in his field, and he continues to hold a range of positions with leading companies today. 

Jon Gosier is also a senior fellow at TED, where he frequently gives inspiring talks on topics related to the democratization of data platforms, social currency, and more. Jon is definitely worth following on social media for insights into the emerging tech space. 


Michael Siebel

Michael Seibel is an incredible figure in the technology landscape, responsible for building two successful startups, SocialCam, and Justin.TV. His work in the technology space also earned him a position as a partner for one of the most prestigious accelerator programs in Silicon Valley, Y Combinator – making him one to watch in the tech sector. 

Though he isn’t particularly active on LinkedIn, Michael has a strong presence on Twitter, where he delivers regular insights into his views on how entrepreneurs in the technology space achieve their success. Michael also has a range of valuable educational videos on YouTube.


Erik Moore

Currently the Managing Director of Base Ventures, Erik Moore has invested in almost two dozen startups over the years. He was also one of the first investors to finance the world-leading apparel company, Zappos. Today, Michael is on the board of directors for some incredible companies, including, and Surf Air.

His incredible background investing in a vast variety of technology companies has given him a unique view of the industry, and a deep understanding of what it takes to run a successful company. Today, Moore uses Base Ventures as a way to continue inspiring and guiding the next generation of pioneering technology leaders.


Jacky Wright

The Chief Digital Officer for Microsoft in the United States, Jacky Wright is a global technology leader and one of the most successful people in her field. Over 11 years with Microsoft, she’s helped to guide the strategic direction of one of the most lucrative companies of all time. Jacky was also named one of the UK’s most influential Black people in the Powerlist 2022. 

Wright is highly regarded around the world and has a strong presence on social media, where she shares her insights into the technology and business landscapes. Wright also frequently appears during industry events to give speeches and educational insights into her world. 


Charley Moore

Charley Moore is the founder and CEO of Rocket Lawyer, a digital platform which makes it easier for individuals around the world to take care of various legal matters. The platform makes it simple to create custom legal documents, incorporate businesses, and connect with a reliable lawyer. Moore also serves as an Executive Board Member for 

Aside from being a highly successful business person, Charley is also a strong advocate for diversity across Silicone Valley, and regularly shares his insights into how the tech space could become more accepting to various communities. Charley has a strong presence on social media, and has also delivered various TED talks in the past. 


Angel Benton

Angela Benton is the Founder of Streamlytics, a company which provides users with a unique opportunity to reclaim their crucial data through the use of innovative technology. She has been recognised as one of the most intriguing entrepreneurs in the world by Goldman Sachs, as well as one of the most influential women in technology by Fast Company. 

Under the guidance of Angela, Streamlytics grew its data assets by 2800% in 2021, and has successfully formed partnerships with a host of leading brands like Google, Facebook, HP, and Twitter. Angela is one of the most highly awarded and recognised black women in the technology landscape today.