Top 10 ERP Software in the World


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20/10/2020 09:44 AM
Top 10 ERP Software in World

In the current age of digital transformation, companies everywhere are relying more heavily on software to help them accomplish their goals. A reliable enterprise resource planning (ERP) system comes with a wide selection of automation, integration, and efficiency features to strengthen company performance. In particular, ERP solutions provide an integrated selection of powerful company applications. The tools enhance the back-office elements of your company, including sales, financial management, and operations. The question is, which are the best ERP software solutions for today’s organisations?

Top ERP Software Vendors

Here are our top ERP system choices.


Microsoft is an innovator in the software and hardware market. The part of the Microsoft portfolio responsible for ERP is Microsoft Dynamics. The Dynamics portfolio gives you a fully integrated system for financial management, operations, supply chain control, manufacturing, human resources, and more.

Some of the most popular ERP solutions in the world come from the Microsoft Dynamics range. Microsoft will help you to handle everything from human resources to business intelligence in an intuitive environment. You can easily expand into new markets with the scalable and customisable software too.


Since the launch of the company’s first ERP system in 1972, SAP has stood out in the ERP landscape. Today, the company has customers all around the world. The proven and time-tested ERP service supports 50,000 customers in more than 25 industries. With SAP and S/4HANA, you can take full advantage of the latest market tech.

SAP supports cloud, advanced analytics, machine learning, and extra functionality through the in-memory SAP HANA database. The SAP ERP software is flexible and scalable, allowing you to adjust your solution to your needs.


One of the largest software companies in the world, Oracle sells database technology and software, enterprise products, and cloud engineered systems. Best-known for its enterprise systems supporting ERP, CRM, Human Capital Management, and more, Oracle has a lot of functionality to offer. Oracle became a market leader in ERP with the Oracle Fusion and e-Business product lines.

When Oracle acquired NetSuite in 2016, it strengthened it’s position in the ERP landscape even further. Today, Oracle’s solution provides consistent cloud support, an easy-to-use backend, and a powerful dedication to continuous future growth.


A solution ideal for supporting business growth, SYSPRO ERP leverages the company’s state-of-the-art integrated business software application skills. With SYSPRO Enterprise Resource Planning, companies can enjoy an end-to-end overview of all of their essential business activities, including supply chain interactions, inventory management, business operations, and finances.

Specialising in the distribution and manufacturing sectors, SYSPRO ERP gives you the power to transform your processes, while managing your data and gaining better insights. SYSPRO integrates with various intelligent devices and external systems too.


Sage Group is one of the largest suppliers of ERP software on the market. The company supports small businesses, as well as larger enterprises. The company’s strategic acquisitions over the years have also helped them to strengthen their position with financial management software too.

Along with strong financial and accounting tools, Sage ERP solutions also provide features to assist with manufacturing, inventory management, business intelligence, and more. The Sage brand is particularly popular in the construction and real-estate industry.


Epicor has decades of experience developing high-quality software systems. The company focuses mostly on retail, distribution, manufacturing, and service industries. Similar to many software organisations, Epicor also has origins in financial accounting tools too.

Today, the company is a world leader in ERP software, with a modular approach to software architecture that allows users to customise the features they use. Epicor also supports businesses with disruptive technology such as the Internet of Things.


Infor is one of the biggest companies in cloud computing, and the company has a powerful presence in ERP too. This venture focuses more heavily on small and mid-sized businesses, rather than larger companies. The industry-specific CloudSuite system from Infor ensures that organisations from all backgrounds can get the services that are best-suited to them.

With cloud software hosted on Amazon Web Services, Infor promises a quick, scalable, and secure solution for today’s business leaders. Today, Infor provides ERP software to more than 68,000 organisations around the globe.


An impressive option for fans of the open-source marketplace, Odoo offers flexible ERP software to help companies better manage their operations. Odoo developed its first software solution in 2005. Since then, the company has created a vast suite of cloud-based apps for every need. You can integrate helpdesk and project management tools, access sales tools, and more.

Odoo’s open-source environment offers a single solution for project management, CRM technology, HR, inventory, and even omnichannel sales. Plus, you have the freedom to add up to 100 different modules to your system to make it more customised to your company.


Deskera is a slightly more modern ERP solution than some of the other products we’ve covered so far. Designed in 2008, Deskera helps over100,000 users develop powerful processes for business growth. The company boasts a lot of high-level clients like Google, and Starbucks.

One of the things that makes Deskera stand out is how diverse it is. The company can address a wide range of business requirements, including financial reports, account charts, stock management, customer management, and billing or sales management. Deskera comes with tools for smart inventory planning to track stock levels too.


IFS is an ERP software provider dedicated to supporting global business operations. With IFS, companies get all the tools they need to anticipate change, increase performance, and reduce unnecessary costs. In the same system, you’ll be able to unlock ERP, asset management, service management, and project management tools too.

The IFS ERP solution is custom-designed to help companies fully recognise and take advantage of the opportunities that a fast-paced service-driven world can offer. With IFS, you also get best-in-class functionality for things like multi-mode manufacturing.