Top 10 Diversity Training Programs of 2022

Published on
21/03/2022 01:30 PM

Diversity is one of the most crucial focus points for business leaders in 2022. Not only is diversity essential when it comes to hiring an effective team with a wide range of skills, but it’s also a critical part of retaining and engaging your existing workforce. 

Studies from McKinsey show companies with a greater focus on diversity generally outperform their less diverse counterparts. The question for most business leaders – is how do they ensure they’re implementing, championing, and encouraging diversity correctly?

Diversity training programs can help to transform the concept of “diversity” into a critical part of company culture, teaching team members about the threat of unconscious bias, and how they can contribute to a more inclusive workplace. 

Here are some of the top training programs you can consider in 2022.

HRDQ (Diversity Works)

The Diversity Works workshop and interactive game from HRDQ offers an exciting and engaging opportunity for up to 25 participants to learn about and champion diversity simultaneously. The training package is interactive, with several team-building exercises for staff members to enjoy, and plenty of opportunities to learn about the value of cooperation. 

As one of the leading training tool providers on the market for almost 50 years, HRDQ delivers a reliable approach to diversity training that thinks outside of the box for engagement. Topics covered by the course include “understanding others” and learning how to communicate in the workplace.


Get Smarter (Diversity and Inclusive Leadership)

Produced by the GetSmarter company and EGADE Business School, the Diversity and Inclusive Leadership short online course is designed to guide supervisors, managers, and executives. Over the period of 8 weeks, leaders are taught what it means to implement and manage a diverse and inclusive team, for the wider benefit of the business. 

This course covers several crucial modules sure to be useful to anyone with a focus on diversity for their growing team. You’ll learn about the complexity of culture, and how to deliver the right leadership to everyone in your team. There’s also information on developing a more “inclusive” self, which helps to make leaders more appealing to the people they’re managing.

HR University (Diversity and Inclusion)

A 20-hour training course with certification included the HR University’s training program for diversity and inclusion is ideal for business leaders keen to commit to their diversity strategy. The online platform teaches employees and business leaders alike how to develop their own diversity strategies for any business.

The course offered by the HR University is split into a series of lessons, taught by experts, which cover things like types of bias, micro behaviours, countering unconscious bias, and how to address issues like sexual harassment. With plenty of useful insights and easy-to-follow information, the course is fantastic for people from all industries.

ProProfs (Diversity Training)

ProProfs is a software company specialising in the delivery of training software. The solution allows companies to create their own custom diversity training courses, with access to existing resources, and the ability to design videos, presentations, and quizzes from scratch. You can even add your own customisation elements and business branding into the mix. 

The ProProfs diversity solution is an excellent choice if you’re looking for a more customised approach to diversity training. With this solution, business leaders can build the educational experience that makes the most sense for their team, based on the issues their employees are most likely to face.

Coursera (Diversity and Inclusion in the Workplace)

Delivered by Coursera (the online learning marketplace), and the ESSEC business school, the Diversity and Inclusion in the Workplace course is designed to help business leaders and managers embrace all the benefits of diversity in the workforce. The syllabus includes an introduction to diversity and what it really means in a business landscape, as well as tips on how to disrupt and improve the workplace with diversity programs.

Throughout the course, you’ll have access to a number of useful videos, readings to expand your knowledge on what diversity looks like, and quizzes to enhance your understanding of diversity and inclusion.


Compliance Training Group (Workplace Diversity)

Offering extensive training on a wide range of subjects connected to diversity, inclusion, and acceptance, the Compliance Training Group are experts in improving workplace culture. The “Workplace Diversity” course is only an hour long, but it covers a number of crucial points in prioritising and ensuring workplace diversity. 

The course looks at things like implicitly and unconscious bias, the “halo” and “horns” effects, stereotypes, prejudice, and discrimination. Easy to access and complete online, the comprehensive course is great for introducing teams to the basics of ensuring true diversity.

eCornell (Diversity and Inclusion)

Created by the reputable Cornell University, the eCornell Diversity and Inclusion certification course is a comprehensive two-month program, which users can take entirely online. The Diversity and Inclusion course is one of the star programs in the eCornell Human Resources category, and it’s geared towards everyone from business owners and HR professionals to managers and supervisors.

The course covers a number of strategies designed to make any business a more engaging and inclusive place, which prioritizes a deeper understanding of various psychological, perceptual, and institutional processes in the workplace.

Media Partners (Diversity 101)

Founded in 1993, the Media Partners consulting and training company has years of experience offering a wide range of training options to growing companies. The organisation is specifically focused on training solutions to deal with complex concerns like team building, leadership development, and overcoming harassment in the workforce. 

With the Diversity 101 course, users get access to an easy-to-follow environment for building inclusion and acceptance in the workforce. There are also several follow up courses available from the same website, including lessons on overcoming unconscious bias and creating awareness for respect in the workplace.

Udemy (Diversity Deep-Dive)

Udemy is home to a wide range of affordable, easy-to-follow, and flexible courses for business leaders and employees alike. The Udemy marketplace hosts a number of courses about Diversity, including the “Diversity Deep-Dive”, one of the highest-rated courses on Udemy today, as voted for by around 1,143 students. 

The course covers some of the most essential research and facts on the importance of diversity for business leaders and helps users to understand how to overcome diversity obstacles. There’s also useful guidance on how to implement and use some of the top Diversity and Inclusion initiatives to guide growing teams.

AMA (Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion)

One of the most reputable management associations in America, offering training, certifications, and corporate resources for business leaders, the AMA is a great source of education. Through the American Management Association Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion course, you can access a widely-recognised certificate to demonstrate your knowledge of how diversity works in the workplace.

The program and training course is available either online or in a classroom, with straightforward lessons designed to suit anyone. Over the course of the lessons, you’ll discover what it really means to embrace diversity in your business and access a range of useful resources you can use at any time, even after the course is over