Top 10 Data Fabric Software Solutions for 2022


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A concept gaining rapid attention in the age of digital transformation, data fabric is an architectural solution used by data-driven companies. The technology aligns various data services to streamline the movement of knowledge throughout the enterprise environment. With data fabric, you can unify various source systems across the cloud, hybrid, and on-premises environments. 

Data fabrics are often extremely cost effective when compared to traditional tools for data organisation and preparation. They’re also excellent for ensuring enhanced data governance and compliance with privacy regulations. The question is, which data fabric software solution is best? Here are some of our top picks from 2022 to help you make the right choice.



Regularly described as a leader in the enterprise data management landscape, SAP provides a fantastic data fabric solution. Combining the capabilities of SAP HANA and SAP Data Intelligence, this ecosystem effectively helps businesses to collect and transform data points. With SAP, you can integrate any data from a range of environments, and ensure data quality.

The technology comes with self-service data preparation and automation capabilities to democratize data, and it works across any cloud or on-premises environment. You can orchestrate any SAP or non-SAP data processing engine too.



CluedIn is a data fabric solution provider offering a foundation of secure and robust data infrastructure for reliable scalable, secure, and trustworthy data anywhere. Combining a wide range of data products into one ecosystem, CluedIn can offer robust data integration features with easy connection options built-in.

With CluedIn, you also get access to a range of data preparation tools, so you can boost the integrity of your information, and there are automations to streamline your workflows too. CluedIn even offers immersive metadata management, as well as bonus features enhanced by artificial intelligence and machine learning, to help you get the most of your insights.



A powerful environment for democratising data access, K2View Data Fabric organises and aligns fragmented data from a host of source systems. You can deploy the fabric in a centralised or multi-domain architecture depending on your needs, and scale the technology to suit any requirements. You’ll even be able to use K2View to fuel analytical and operational workloads. 

With an ultra-secure environment for business leaders, K2View continually syncs, transforms, and serves data via a range of data products, for a holistic and real-time view of any business entity. You can also align K2View data fabric with a range of other real-time data products from the organisation.



A leader in the Forrester Wave, and a major contender in the data landscape, Oracle offers an impressive “data mesh” environment for digitally evolving businesses. The ecosystem comes with a range of tools to help you collect and organise your data more effectively. You can also transform data within Oracle without having a negative impact on your systems.

Oracle’s technology can cleanse and repair data with minimal downtime, and replicate data points to ensure you have a recovery point if anything goes wrong with your technology. You’ll also be able to tap into insightful analytics to help you understand the patterns in your data more effectively.



Nexla built its data fabric solution to empower everyone and everyone who works with data on a consistent basis. With a host of data tools linked within a unified platform, the solution enables data integration with existing ELT tools, data as a service workflow, and APIs. The system can also work with logical units for combining, validating, and preparing data. 

With multiple robust layers of services and functionality available, you can use Nexla to leverage the data collected throughout your enterprise more effectively. The fabric solution even comes with monitoring for data flows with continuous intelligence and error management.



One of the current leaders in the data landscape, Denodo promises a powerful, secure, and reliable environment for aligning your information. The Denodo data fabric solution can be customised to suit your data policy and protection strategies. It also provides a single point of access to data, thereby eliminating point-to-point connections which might lead to vulnerabilities.

Denodo’s data fabric environment is available in a range of different deployment options. You can use bring your own licensing options, deploy on public cloud platforms and more. The data management tools also integrate and manage a range of hybrid, complex, and multi-cloud environments, with access to analytics and reporting available too.



With NetApp, companies can leverage and use their data in the environments where they need it most. For almost three decades, the company has delivered powerful and innovative solutions in the technology space. The NetApp Fabric Orchestrator is a powerful solution capable of delivering equal levels of simplicity and agility. 

With NetApp’s technology, you can create a comprehensive data fabric ecosystem with AI support. There are valuable data discovery tools, easy access integrations, and automations to strengthen your data workflow. You’ll also have full access to a range of data optimisation tools, and solutions for protecting and securing your data insights.



Talend advertises its data fabric environment as a complete data management and integration platform. With a free trial for beginners, the ecosystem comes with access to everything from data integration and integrity tools to governance policies. There’s in-depth data discovery and collection, with support for a wide range of different information sources. 

Talend’s technology is powered by Talend Trust Score, to help you check the reliability of any dataset at a glance. You can also access seamless integrations with APIs and external applications. The all-in-one solution is ideal for reducing risk, boosting regulatory compliance, and improving efficiency.



Easily one of the better-known companies in the tech landscape, IBM offers a reliable data fabric solution in the form of “Cloud Paks”. This AI-powered software supports companies in accelerating application modernisation with integrated automation, and security capabilities. IBM Cloud Paks also provide the industry’s leading cloud platform experience for faster data management anywhere.

One major benefit of IBM’s ecosystem is the included access to a rich open cloud marketplace, where you can unlock certified software from a range of partners to make the most out of your data. The solution can also function easily in hybrid cloud environment using AutoSQL. As an added bonus, IBM’s platform checks the reliability of data sets for you. 



Informatica’s intelligent data fabric solution simplifies and modernises data management for the new age of business growth. The solution accelerates data discovery, and provides comprehensive metadata connectivity for all data sources throughout the enterprise. You’ll also have access to comprehensive AI-powered automatic discovery, data lineage and classification. 

Informatica’s solution can scale to suit any enterprise workload, with serverless and elastic processing. There’s also a range of low-code and no-code workflow options to help you enhance data governance, privacy, and security.