Top 10 Augmented Analytics Companies

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Data is now the most valuable tool in our digitally enhanced world. However, tapping into that data successfully requires some careful strategy. 

As per Gartner’s definition, the use of technologies like artificial intelligence, natural language processing, and machine learning for improving data preparation is called ‘augmented analytics’. Essentially, this technology takes your data pipeline to the next level so that you can generate real insights for your future.

As the market continues to innovate, augmented analytics vendors are beginning to provide new and exciting solutions for growing businesses. The amount of data produced by companies every day is growing, paving the way for augmented analytics. In turn, vendors need to ensure that they’re on-hand to offer the kind of enlightening tools that companies need. 

So, which brands are driving the best results right now? Let’s find out.


MicroStrategy is one of the leading companies recommended by Gartner for in-depth analytics, data preparation, and exploration. The 10th version of MicroStrategy’s technology provides native big data connectivity along with business intelligence and enterprise analytics. MicroStrategy also offers a fully interactive experience for visually exploring your data too. 

With best-in-class solutions for reporting and mobile access, MicroStrategy has everything you need to unlock an incredible workflow in one. All of these tools make MicroStrategy perfectly suited to things like government data discovery and large-scale deployments. 


Ranked as one of the leaders in the Gartner Magic Quadrant for data analytics, Qlik makes it easy to visualise your information and collect unique insights. Providing everything from agile analytics services to BI solutions and data discovery, Qlik Sense is ideal for developers wanting to turn insights into specific use cases. 

With Qlik Sense, you can quickly and easily design interactive dashboards and reports, complete with engaging graphs and charts. The visualisation software is perfect for simplifying data analysis so you can make decisions quickly. There are even drag-and-drop features for greater speed.


Tableau is a leading company committed to changing the way that business leaders perceive their data. The Tableau augmented analytics solutions come with access to quick and simple insights that are up to 100 times faster than most existing solutions. What’s more, anyone can take advantage of this technology for collecting ideas with robust drag-and-drop functionality.

Smart dashboards on Tableau help you combine various viewpoints from your big data network for a richer set of insights. Additionally, you can set the system to update automatically as you add new information. All that, and you get an easy solution for sharing live content with your colleagues too. 

Microsoft Power BI

Microsoft Power BI is one of the most popular and well-known examples of augmented analytics in the industry. Integrated with Azure Analytics and massive data models, Microsoft gives companies access to everything from interactive dashboards to data discovery tools and preparation technology. 

Power BI’s report saving solution also means you can share the reports you generate with the rest of your team. What’s more, BI comes in a range of forms, including as standalone software, a free personal tool for analysis, and as part of an in-depth package for business insights. 


SAS delivers augmented analytics as a part of its complete Software-as-a-Service advanced analytics software. The solution comes with several advanced features, including incredible forecasting, data mining, and rich text analysis. You can also use the SAS visual analytics technology for predictive analytics to help you make better choices for the future of your company. 

With SAS, businesses can use everything from machine learning tools to enterprise data mining solutions to capture more relevant data from their networks and convert it into actionable insights. You can also unlock the power of the SAS tools through on-premise deployments or in the cloud, depending on your individual needs. 


SAP Analytics is the cloud-focused machine learning technology that the company provides to the augmented analytics environment. According to SAP, this technology is all about helping companies take action with their insights as quickly and effectively as possible. 

SAP’s broad range of BI and analytics tools transform the way that you develop your business with machine learning technology and artificial intelligence to assist in avoiding agenda-driven or biased decision making. There’s even access to Smart Predict from SAP, which helps you predict the potential outcome of specific methods based on historical data.


TIBCO Software is a global market leader in the creation of infrastructure software and cloud computing platforms for enterprises. The TIBCO Spotfire product was one of the earliest visual-focused data discovery products on the market. This solution helped to introduce the world to the concept of in-depth analytics for business growth. 

Over the years, TIBCO has consistently delivered new and improved features through its amazing portfolio of data-focused tools. For instance, you can tap into everything from location intelligence for your business, streaming analytics, and data cataloguing tools. There’s even data virtualisation available through original equipment manufacturer (OEM) relationships too. 


IBM is a company that seems to excel at all things software and data-focused. Thanks to its Watson and Cognos analytics services, the company is also a leader in the 2019 Gartner Market Guide for augmented analytics.

With your preferred IBM tools, you can unlock the potential of self-service dashboards for data analytics. What's more, you can enjoy in-depth machine learning solutions with support for NLQ generation and advanced analysis over the cloud. IBM provides fantastic shareable reports for your analytics strategy, data preparation, and modelling, as well as incredible AI visualisations. 


Sisense believes in the power of augmented analytics for the future of business transformation. As such, the company offers a fantastic integrated business intelligence and analytics platform. This solution encapsulates everything you need to examine the entire workflow, from data collection to storage solutions for your database.

The Sisense augmented analytics facilities are supported through in-depth visual data exploration, dashboards, in-chip processing, advanced analytics features and more. There’s also access to OEM and embedded analytics, which currently make up about half of the company’s revenue.


Before Salesforce rebranded, it was a leading analytics solution from Einstein Analytics. Now, we have Salesforce Analytics, which offers a wide range of operational reports and dashboards for your CRM Salesforce data. However, there’s still plenty of Einstein content included, such as discovery and the analytics platform otherwise known as Wave.

If you’re looking for a tool that can help you create interactive visualisations of your data, as well as provide dashboards and self-service data prep solutions, this is the one for you. Machine learning elements can even generate smart suggestions for data preparation too.