Top 10 Digital Experience Monitoring Software Options

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Digital experience monitoring solutions

What Is Digital Experience Monitoring Software?

Digital Experience Monitoring software (DEM) is a tool used for discovering, tracking, and even optimising all forms of end-user experience and web-based resources. These tools monitor user behaviour, traffic, and various other factors to help companies understand the usability and performance of products. DEM solutions can help to evaluate the performance of your organisation with both simulations for theoretical performance and real-user testing.

Top Digital Experience Monitoring Solutions

For companies striving to deliver the best possible customer experience in a competitive digital landscape, digital experience monitoring tools are a valuable investment.

Today, we’re going to explore some of the top Digital Experience Monitoring solutions on the market.


Offering best-in-class digital experience monitoring for businesses from all backgrounds, Dynatrace promises to help companies better understand and support their customers. With Dynatrace DEM, you can ensure every application your customers interact with is fast, functional, and efficient, no matter the channel. Dynatrace comes with access to synthetic monitoring, to automatically discover problems across development and production environments.

Dynatrace customers can simultaneously use real-user monitoring to determine when experiences are going wrong, so you can eliminate guesswork and generate rapid results. The Dynatrace software is a recognized G2 leader in DEM technology.

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Digital innovators known for a portfolio of business-aware IT monitoring solutions, Centreon provides an end-to-end view of customer experience. Centreon integrates with other APM and NPM monitoring platforms in your environment to collect more advanced insights into user experience and performance. The holistic AIOps-connected platform supports a hybrid and distributed cloud infrastructure, and you can track everything from the cloud to edge for a more comprehensive view.

Centreon removes blind spots from the standard business workflow and helps you track on-premises legacy assets alongside public and private cloud environments simultaneously. There’s even access to service maps and real-time notifications to boost user experience further.


Glassbox empowers companies to create friction-free digital journeys for customers, wherever they are. The solution provides companies with a full end-to-end view of all customer interactions across the web and mobile environments. Already recommended by companies like Superdry and Tracfone, Glassbox has an easy-to-use interface with access to powerful insights.

The comprehensive view of digital truth across your organization means you’re better positioned to collaborate on the perfect customer experience strategy. Glassbox combines granular behavioural data from multiple digital environments in real-time, then ensures you can share those insights with the rest of your workforce.


Another market leader in digital experience monitoring and management Nexthink offers an all-in-one environment where you can track employee experience and encourage better workflow results. As a tool for employee experience tracking, the company provides IT leaders and business administrators with insight into the experiences employees have with devices, technology, and applications in real-time. This technology ensures that IT can proactively optimize the modern workforce.

Nexthink enables more than 1,000 customers worldwide to provide immersive workplace experiences for their employees. The solution ensures that even in a hybrid or remote working environment, companies can understand what kind of challenges their employees commonly face, and what sort of technology they use most often.

FusionReactor APM

FusionReactor APM is an application performance monitor rather than a comprehensive digital employee experience, or customer experience monitoring service. The FusionReactor solution ensures you can find bottlenecks or issues in your database or code, making your applications run more effectively. There’s even an integrated production-safe debugger to help you find issues and remove technical concerns faster.

As a service for improving performance and productivity, FusionReactor APM is a powerful tool, trusted by over 5,000 companies worldwide. Groups like Nasa and AT&T use FusionReactor to reduce downtime and improve coding production.

Germain APM

A solution offering custom monitoring, automation, and analytics at scale, Germain APM can boost user experience and operations without breaking your budget. The solution provides end-to-end transaction insights, smart automation technology, real-time insights, and support for any stack, at any size. The company boasts a 100% customer retention rate since 2014 too.

Used by brands like PepsiCo, United Healthcare, and Volvo, Germain APM was ranked number one as the top APM technology for users in 2020. The solution is cost-effective and customisable, with solutions for both on-premises and cloud-based technology. Automatic root cause discovery means resolving problems is easy too.


Committed to helping companies and developers spend more of their time making software, and less time fighting with it, Raygun is a cloud-based platform with error, performance, and crash monitoring tools for web and mobile applications. The wide suite of tools allows teams to access complete visibility on their users’ interactions with various code systems.

Actionable, real-time insights from Raygun make it easier to detect, examine, and address issues with speed, so you can deliver a more meaningful experience to customers. The service comes with support for application performance monitoring, real user monitoring, error and crash reporting, and even deployments tracking – among other features.

SysTrack (Lakeside)

The Lakeside software digital experience monitoring solution powered by SysTrack ensures that you can transform experiences for customers and users at speed. The solution offers a clear view into the employee digital experience, or the end-user experience, depending on your individual needs. You can capture granular and complete data about business interactions and transactions in a way that helps to reduce costs and improve efficiency.

SysTrack sits directly within your endpoints, monitoring and analysing anything that might impact user experience, regardless of whether your environment is virtual, physical, or hybrid. You can even collect information about SLA performance and help desk tickets.


Committed to helping business monitor and enhance the availability and performance of their services, Catchpoint is a comprehensive DEM solution. The Digital Experience Management service is available to offer insights into all kinds of experiences, from employees using SaaS applications, to customers using mobile or website applications to make purchases. You can even use an API to help customers log into your application via LinkedIn, Twitter, or Facebook.

Catchpoint’s advanced synthetic monitoring system tracks everything from development to production which might impact digital experience. You can also test across multiple geographies and network to get a more comprehensive view of your digital experience.

SolarWinds Pingdom

SolarWinds Pingdom is a powerful website performance and availability monitoring system. This comprehensive offering covers all kinds of monitoring, to help boost the user experience for end-users in a range of industries. Easy-to-use and affordable, SolarWinds Pingdom combines synthetic and real user monitoring for absolute visibility and better troubleshooting, and you can assess both environments from a single pane of glass.

SolarWinds Pingdom offers uptime monitoring for all components of the user experience journey, as well as critical components like CDNs, DNS, and APIs, as well as networks, emails, and other elements too.