Top 10 Data Governance Software Options

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Top 10 Data Governance Software Options

Data is an essential asset for any business in the digital age. The more data you collect on your customers, processes, and employees, the easier it is to create a strategy for long-term success. However, not all data is created equal. Data governance software helps companies to manage data availability, usability, security, and integrity by creating a data governance framework to suit business needs. 

The right technology ensures that you can align your data from multiple environments, validate whether the information is accurate, and leverage actionable insights from your findings. Today’s data governance solutions are growing increasingly advanced as companies continue to collect and use data for a variety of reasons.

Here are some of the top data governance solutions available now.


Created by Twilio, Segment is a data governance solution that promises to reduce bad data in your pipeline and improve the integrity of your business decisions. Twilio believes that companies can only make the right choices about their future if they trust their data. That’s why Segment is on hand to proactively track issues, align your data sources, and improve data management.

You can instantly design a single source of truth for the information you want to collect and standardise data across multiple channels. Segment helps with diagnosing quality issues and validating your information. The solution also helps to defend against bad data and rogue information gaining access to your database.


Egnyte is a unified data governance platform intended to help companies govern and secure their crucial information. This all-in-one solution for content protection, compliance, collaboration, and threat prevention is already popular among brands like Buzzfeed, Nasdaq, and Red Bull. The information governance solution helps teams to locate and use sensitive data when making crucial business decisions while simultaneously controlling risks.

You can set up systems to automate data recording compliance and protect your data banks against internal and external security issues. For complete visibility and control across a hybrid content stack, Egnyte supports a wide range of disconnected devices, locations, apps, and systems.

Netwrix Auditor

Regarded one of the best data governance and management solutions on the market, the Netwrix auditor assists organisations from all backgrounds and industries in conducting regular external and internal audits. IT auditing can improve security, help companies with passing compliance tests, and more. The full auditor system also includes tools for minimising IT risks and spotting threats.

When you can see your operations in real-time, you can reduce the risk to your critical assets by keeping track of things like problematic permissions and infrastructure security problems. Netwrix auditor can audit all kinds of data systems, including Active Directory, SharePoint, Azure AD, and many more.

Melissa Data Quality Suite

Committed to helping companies get more from their data, the Melissa Data Quality Suite is a portfolio of solutions intended to simplify and improve your data collection strategies. The solution comes with a huge variety of capabilities to explore, ranging from address verification for your customers, to address autocompletion, identity verification and more. You can unlock merge, purge, and deduplication services, and even geocoding for your insights too. 

If you’re looking for a comprehensive data governance solution that makes it easier for teams to build stronger relationships with their target audience, the Melissa Data Quality Suite could be the ideal tool. The suite also benefits from being wonderfully streamlined and easy to use. 


Hailed as a modern hub for data governance and management, Lyftron is a software solution that eliminates some of the excess time developers need to dedicate to build data pipelines from scratch. With the Lyftron data governance solution, you can ensure that information is instantly accessible to crucial analysts, with real-time access through ANSI SQL. 

Through pre-built connectors, Lyftron can deliver data to your warehouses in ready-to-query formats that are already pre-normalized and offer support for full search functionality. Lyftron even supports over a hundred modern data connectors, including Apache Spark, Amazon Redshift, and Google BigQuery. 


The Claravine data integrity and governance solution supports some of the biggest companies in the world, including Under Armour,, and Kroger. Named a top performer in enterprise data governance by G2 customer research, this solution aids companies in overcoming common data problems caused by poor data quality, lost information, and problematic standardisation. 

With the Claravine system, you can standardize your data taxonomies, collaborative processes, naming conventions, and more. There’s support for custom templates for your content and campaign data standards, and you can automate various aspects of data governance, connect multiple data collection systems, and more. 


Widely regarded as one of the top enterprise-wide tools for data governance, Collibra automates your data operations and keeps your teams on the same page. Collibra helps companies to establish common understandings of crucial business insights among teams. The data governance system can also help with agile evolution in the business landscape, supporting teams in making informed decisions. 

Tailored to meet the needs of various frameworks, Collibra comes with everything from powerful semantic search capabilities to automated workflows, and pre-built integration templates. Teams can easily connect and leverage data from various parts of the business and use the resulting trends to facilitate ongoing growth. 

SAP Master Data Governance

The SAP Master Data Governance application helps business leaders to consolidate and manage master data from throughout an organisation. As the master management layer of the SAP technology platform, the solution provides a comprehensive and unified view of the data across company domains. This solution makes it easy to manage enterprise information, increase data accuracy, and reduce cost of ownership. 

With SAP Master Data Governance, companies can drive data consistency throughout the enterprise, accelerate the deployment of new business solutions, and experiment with a comprehensive environment for central data management and analytics. 


An industry leader in AI-driven data cataloguing and management, Alation supports businesses in data search, discovery, stewardship, governance, analytics, and more. You can even use Alation to pave the way for your business digital transformation strategy. Alation recently announced the arrival of its new data intelligence platform with the broadest connectivity options on the market. 

Popular with brands like HCA, Guy Carpenter, MTS, and Spark, the Alation service makes it easier to combine all of your data insights in one aligned space, for more efficient business decision making. You can align various data environments for a single point of truth that empowers the enterprise. 


Navigating around privacy regulations is a difficult task for many businesses, which is why Immuta is so important. Within this powerful application, Immuta allows you to see why, when and how data is being accessed, automates the discovery of data process and even provides fine-grained data access control without making copies. 

The conflicting needs of data management poses threats to many business who are still trying to harness the power of their data, but Immuta navigates around this problem. It's no wonder that businesses such as RadarFirst and Credit Suisse are already using Immuta in their day-to-day data management.