Top 10 Alternative Data Providers to Explore in 2021

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02/08/2021 10:52 AM
Top 10 alternative data providers

Data is everywhere these days, and it’s available in a range of different shapes, sizes, and types. Alternative data is a term gaining more attention in the financial landscape lately. Essentially, this concept addresses all kinds of information collected from websites, point of sale devices, satellites, and more. The idea behind “alternative data” is that it gives investors, asset management teams, and financial institutions more insights into the changes of the financial landscape. This not only simplifies processes for corporations but it also eases the data analyst job. Learn also about data lifecycle management.

Top Alternative Data Providers Companies

Financial analysts rely on alternative data to improve their predictions about a stock’s performance. Quality predictions can give an investor a more significant edge over the competition and drive higher profits. Today, we’ll be looking at the list of alternative data providers available now that are simplifying work for anyone with a data analyst job.


One of the leading providers in the world for alternative data insights, Thinknum promises users the opportunity to track strategic information like never before. Specially designed to support those allocating capital and investments, Thinknum offers a user-friendly software experience where you can derive insights from a wide range of data sources.

Users can make queries quickly without having to wait for engineer guidance, and you can get visualizations of insights to make your findings easier to understand. There are hundreds of thousands of companies in Thinknum’s database already, and these customers can even set up alerts to ensure they’re the first to know when certain data points change.


The Yewno alternative data solution leverages a proprietary knowledge graph to draw connections between data points in various unique environments. The latest solution from Yewno is the “Edge” environment, which helps to uncover hidden risks in your portfolio through AI insights into alternative data.

Elsewhere in Yewno’s portfolio, companies can access a host of valuable, AI-augmented products and solutions, including alternative data packages, APIs, index strategies, and “Edge” platforms. This solution isn’t just great for financial investors, but educators, publishers, and even government groups too. Yewno is easily one of the more versatile products on the market.

Quiver Quantitative

Cutting edge, and free-to-use, Quiver Quantitative is an alternative data platform offering professionals the tools they need to make better decisions in a range of environments. The site includes amazing, well-organised data sets for things like corporate lobbying, work visas, government contracts, Wikipedia views and more.

As a cost-free solution, Quiver Quantitative is surprisingly comprehensive, with tons of data to tap into that could help you to make better decisions about your future. You can also leverage the same platform to sell your own alternative data for any stock you’re interested in.

S&P Global

A well-known innovator in market intelligence, S&P Global provides an institutional source of alternative data designed for professional investors and fund managers. S&P Global provides you with insights into a range of tools to help with driving your trading decisions. There are even AI innovations which incorporate data from decades of training into insights.

Some of the data that S&P Global provides as part of its alternative data solution includes shopping mall statistics and traffic deviations, information on satellite images, and commodity movements, and more. The data available from this group is categorised according to sector and industry, so it’s much easier to track down the data set that makes sense to you.


Based in the US, AlphaSense promises an AI-powered search and data discovery experience to investors and innovators alike. You can gain access to a host of premium business data sources, broker research, SEC filings, and trade/news journals. You’ll also have access to NLP and AI search technology to find the data points most relevant to you.

More than 1,600 companies and financial institutions currently use AlphaSense to collect data for strategic decision-making requirements. There are also extra features included within the experience to help maintain your productivity, such as sharing capabilities, annotation, and modelling.


A dedicated environment for alternative data and discovery, Kantar promises financial experts and companies the opportunity to get a full picture of market dynamics across a range of different sectors. You can stay ahead of the competition with informative insights into your chosen market and react quickly with data updates delivered at the ideal speed for your needs.

The great thing about Kantar is that companies can build macro-level reporting custom-made to their needs with 24-hour updates, so you’re constantly getting the flow of data that’s most valuable to you. There’s support for information on a huge range of channels, and retail performance information from more than 100,000 shoppers.


Quandl is a company specializing in data analysis and aggregation, which offers businesses and financial individuals’ access to a wide selection of exclusive private company insights. Just some of the data offerings you can explore include automobile sale estimates, hiring statistics, manufacturing reports, and even business spending patterns.

Quandl gathers, evaluates, and productize data assets that are valuable to the financial investors of today and tomorrow. You can work with the dedicated sales team to determine what kind of data insights will drive the opportunities best for you. There’s access to all kinds of information sectors too, including high tech, logistics, B2B and more.


Experts in alternative data, AI, and trading systems, InfoTrie are leading the way in big data, financial engineering, and new analytics. With offices across Europe and India, InfoTrie uses a cutting-edge proprietary algorithm to transform unstructured data into more meaningful actionable alerts. The solution visualizes insights in a way that can reduce analysis time significantly.

The InfoTrie API gives financial innovators new ways to explore their investment strategies and generate Alpha opportunities. The company has data on more than 50,000 stocks worldwide, covering Asia, South America, the US, Europe, and Australia.

Running Alpha

Running Alpha is a company committed to giving financial experts a better view of investment opportunities before the competition. The unique Running Alpha Grid provides access to various alternative data streams, powered by the next generation of investor sentiment analytics and idea generation. The service provides investors with guidance to build more intelligent portfolios based on the most significant opportunities in any market.

Some of the many sources of alternative data available from Running Alpha come from things like live radio interviews, product reviews, actionable market theme insights, and more. The easy-to-use grid environment ensures you can quickly pinpoint opportunities in the industries that suit you.


With web-scraped information from more than 1 billion online environments,Accern has helped to enable some of the most valuable decision-making in the world. The company current influences more than 100+ billion in AUM each year. Accern scrapes everything from blogs to public news websites to offer actionable information to users. 

Committed to accelerating financial enterprise innovation, Accern offers a no-code platform that’s easy to access and use. The company also promises a high level of data quality for every user, so you know you can trust the insights you’re getting.