Top 10 AI Chatbot Platforms for 2022

Artificial Intelligence is becoming an increasingly common part of the modern marketplace. We use intelligent tools for everything from data analysis to automating workflows. Chatbots stand out as one of the better-known forms of AI for many companies. These simple computer programs can conduct conversations with human beings using intuitive algorithms. 

Today’s chatbots can respond to both written text and spoken words alike. The functionality of the modern chatbot is evolving at an incredible rate, opening the door for new opportunities in customer service and experience. However, to unlock this environment, businesses first need access to the right AI chatbot platforms. 

Here are some of the most appealing options for chatbot creation available in 2021. 


Created by, Lobster is an AI platform that promises companies the ability to earn loyal customers for life. Technology agnostic, the platform supports Natural Language Processing and Machine Learning solutions from market-leading innovators worldwide. Lobster believes that conversational AI is crucial in creating memorable experiences today.  By selecting the best cloud and AI services available and combining the technology with bespoke AI models, Lobster creates an ever-evolving assistant for today’s companies. Your assistant can be multi-lingual, multi-channel, and it’s both secure and auditable too. You can even set up a strategy that tells your Lobster bot when to hand a conversation over to a human agent.


Offering a simple approach to chatbot creation and automation, Smartloop is an innovator in AI solutions for evolving companies. You can use the Smartloop platform to nurture new users through conversational bots that respond to each client’s interest. The platform also supports one-on-one conversations between bots and customers, created to suit your unique needs.  Already implemented by world-leading brands like Glamour, Coca-Cola, National Geographic, and AOL, Smartloop makes it easy to engage and convert customers. Users can easily build chatbots for booking appointments, and qualifying leads, without having to hire a development team. Plus, there are reports and analytics to help you improve your results.


If you’re looking for a quick and convenient way to connect with customers in real-time, MobileMonkey has you covered. This chatbot platform specialises in solutions for marketing, customer support, and sales. You can also create unified customer chatbots that align conversations across a range of social media and messaging apps.  Though designed to be accessible for beginners, MobileMonkey also has a range of features for more sophisticated needs too. You can store user responses to questions so you can reuse customer information in bot replies later. Business leaders can also easily automate various aspects of customer service with MobileMonkey by answering customer questions automatically.


Originally launched in 2012, Aivo is a service that supports companies in automating customer service through artificial intelligence. This omnichannel solution builds bots to suit organisations of all shapes and sizes. Existing customers include the likes of HBO, Renault, Avon, and Sony. Aivo bots are AI-powered and respond to customers in real-time with voice or text. You can design your own rules for your chatbots, and ensure your system adapts to deliver the appropriate responses. Aivo also integrates with a host of third-party systems like Zendesk and Salesforce too. 


Imperson is one of the market leaders in conversational AI solutions. As one of the few companies on the market capable of supporting audio, video, VR, and AR, Imperson integrates with all major messaging platform and opens the door to next-level customer service. The comprehensive creative studio will be responsible for deploying and hosting your chatbot so that you can bypass as much of the hard work as possible. You also get a dashboard with real-time insights and analytics. One thrilling feature of Imperson is the conversation navigator, which uses NLP intent, relationship memory, and deep dialogue context for conversational interactions. Existing customers include Amazon, Microsoft, Disney, and even National Geographic. 


Another innovator in AI chatbot technology, Bold360 promises a convenient solution for bringing agents and bots together. With the Bold360 platform, business leaders can empower team members with AI, making them more efficient and productive in the workplace. The Bold360 brand patented its own NLP technology to assist companies in building chatbots that fully understand user intent without keyword matching requirements. The conversational AI from Bold360 can interpret complicated language, remember context in a discussion, and use natural responses to speak to your audience. You can also run this solution on most messaging channels. 


One of the leading chatbot solutions on the market, Pandorabots stands out as among the largest conversational chatbot hosting services in the world. The platform launched the creation of hundreds of thousands of innovative bots, including the Mitsuku chatbot. Developers and enterprises, including global brands and Fortune 500 companies, also use Pandorabots’ cloud-based service for the building of conversational interfaces in applications. This platform supports AIML (Artificial Intelligence Markup Language). It’s easy to use for people who don’t have much experience with programming, and it can deliver sophisticated conversations on a range of messaging platforms too. 


Designed to deliver stellar customer journeys, Hyro promises to supercharge customer engagement across all digital channels. This simple but effective chatbot platform makes it easier for companies to engage with their audience in any environment. You can also use the service to pull useful information from discussions about your clients, and their needs.  Hyro supports both audio and text-based bots, allowing companies to develop scalable and context-driven experiences that delight customers at every stage of their journey. The in-depth reporting functionality means that it’s easier to share insights with stakeholders, and the plug and play platform ensures that any business can get involved. 


The Xenioo chatbot platform assists companies in automating conversations with customers and clients on a range of voice and text channels. An advanced flow editor with a sleek interface means that companies can quickly and easily design chatbots to suit their unique needs. You can drag and drop components into the conversational interface and choose which action and operations you want to enable.  The Multichannel conversational AI system comes with a preview option, so you can test how well your service should perform and make changes before starting discussions with customers. When you’re ready to jump in, Xenioo makes it simple to configure your channels, publish your bot, and connect with customers on a deeper level. 

Flow XO

Flow XO is a convenient and straightforward conversational chatbot platform. You can design a bot on this system with absolutely no coding knowledge. The automation product ensures that you can quickly and simply design systems that can interact with your audience on a variety of messaging platforms. There are a drag and drop builder for creating your workflows, and over 100 integration options to choose from.  Flow XO aims to make chatbot service more accessible to companies that don’t have the budget or on-site development talent they need to build from scratch. There’s also a range of more “techy” functions available for developers with extra experience.