Fix the Data Decision Gap with Visualised Data & Testing

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Ever heard of the data-decision gap? If you have, you likely recognise that many organisations struggle to make data-driven decisions. A big problem for many organisations is while they might have data, the source of this data is questionable at best, which makes it hard to drive decision making. 

A key answer is visualised data and the ability to test your data to see if it genuinely can bring you in-depth results. A problem that occurs with this is the traditional approaches to visualising data, which are usually outdated. According to Quantexa's Data in Context Report,

Outdated approaches tend to be rules-based, reliant on batch-processing and require too much manual work. Traditional single view solutions are often use-case specific and hard to integrate, quickly replicating data silos, according to 46%. They also struggle with integrating key third-party data, 40%, such as public records, which are critical for analytics in many use cases.

In this podcast, we speak to Jamie Hutton, CTO at Quantexa. Jamie gives us a full overview of:

  • The dangers of the enterprise data decision gap
  • How this gap affects C-suite level decision-makers
  • How to build a robust data foundation
  • How to make trusted decision making
  • How to make a platform for visualised data

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