The Perfect Unified Communication and Collaboration Tool

Published on
09/02/2022 12:03 PM

When looking into Unified Communication and Collaboration tools, there are many factors to take into account that, if not navigated around carefully, can slow down implementation. Your end-users need to be well trained and they need to be versatile enough to adapt to any changes in the software.

We saw enough problems with employees saying, "I can't hear you, is your microphone on?" 10 times a week in the last year, but when collaboration tools end up dealing with more complicated and sensitive tasks than simple work meetings, training can be the difference between a company's success and its failure.

In this podcast, Max Kurton from EM360 talks to Pascal Moindrot, Chief Operating Officer and Co-Founder at Kurmi Software. Throughout this podcast, Pascal will run us through:

  • The challenges with end-user adoption
  • How Unified Communication and Collaboration tools can streamline deployment
  • The day to day management of enterprise comms processes

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