Top 10 Cybersecurity Companies keeping you safe and sound

Published on
13/12/2019 07:38 AM


TrendMicro never fail to surprise us with their fantastic, innovative products. While some other companies are still investing in antivirus software, TrendMicro uses Hybrid Cloud technology that integrates defence into various departments.

With a hefty network defence that detects, analyses and prevents ransomware and expert user protection, TrendMicro is the cybersecurity company of tomorrow.


OK, I'll say it: I love CrowdStrike. They are the leaders in Endpoint Security with 6 different products in Endpoint alone, tailored to meet the needs of each customer. While Crowdstrike perhaps are not the most known within the realm of cybersecurity, they are certainly the most groundbreaking. They have also launched an exciting Malware Search Engine.


Cisco at this point are probably the biggest name in Cybersecurity. They are household, but why? Cisco specialises in Endpoint Security, Advanced Malware Protection, Next-Gen Firewalls, Email Security, Cloud Security, Services for Security and Security for Service Providers. If there was a mother of cybersecurity, Cisco would be it. They are also constantly expanding, allowing them to stretch their wings across the market.


Looking for a breadth of cybersecurity technology? IBM specialises in Identity Access, Managed Security Information and Event Management and has even developed a system to help comply with GDPR. Another household name that are revolutionising the tech industry! IBM also deeply care about diversity within their firm, so if you're looking to invest in a cybersecurity organisation with good ethics, go for IBM.

RSA Security

Having a heavy focus on Identity & Access Management is possibly the most important focus for many cybersecurity companies. RSA Security is doing just that. Their multi-factor authentication provides fool-proof methods for securing their clients. It's so advanced, they have won multiple awards for it. Beyond this, RSA specialises in fraud prevention, threat detection & response AND integrated risk management.


Interested in unified access management? Want to ensure the safety of your organisation? OneLogin might be the company for you. By utilising machine learning in order to detect high-risk login attempts, OneLogin provides a highly secure service. Most importantly, OneLogin uses multi-factor authentication.


Bomgar provides privileged identity security, privileged access security and remote support security. Bomgar's privileged identity service can seamlessly scale to fit your business, even those that are large and complex. Furthermore, Bomgar fully encrypts data and uses multi-factor authentication. Bomgar's access security allows users to prioritise permissions through a secure architecture.

Finally, Bomgar's remote support allows users to "securely store, share, and track the use of privileged credentials by the IT service desk." This description merely skims the surface of what Bomgar does, so why not check out their website for the full scoop?


One thing that is fantastic about HelpSystems is that they are not platform specific. Any company can implement HelpSystems's services as they provide solutions across Unix, Linux, IBMI and Solaris. With their secure managed file transfer system that allows files to be transferred securely through a single, intuitive interface, HelpSystems truly is the cybersecurity company of tomorrow. 


You might think "How can a smart card based IT security company help me?" Well, DotOrigin goes beyond the capabilities of other companies in this field. Because they continually work with industry partners to provide the best products, they consequently develop super-modern technology.

Most importantly, they provide multi-factor authentication within their smart cards thus unifying the concept of managing physical access with managing logical access. 


A jack of all trades and a master of... all? It certainly seems that way. While Sophos provides an XG firewall, Secure WiFi, Secure Email Gateway, all of their services are supremely excellent. In fact, their Endpoint Protection service "Intercept X" was named the security innovation of the year of 2017's Computing’s Security Excellence Awards.