Mitel says it now has 1 million cloud users in Europe

Published on
12/12/2019 01:54 PM

Mitel says it now has 1 million cloud users in Europe, mainly gained through service providers on the continent. 

The telecommunications company says it is “experiencing rapid growth” in cloud communications services.

The driver of the growth has been businesses which are looking to “take advantage of the flexibility, scalability and advanced applications now available in the cloud”, says Mitel.

Mitel now has almost 4 million total cloud users worldwide. In total, it claims to have 70 million business users in more than 100 countries.

The company also claims to be one of the largest providers of unified communications systems.

Jeremy , Mitel senior vice president of EMEA, says: “Organizations across Europe are increasingly aware of the potential cloud-based communications and collaboration offer for ensuring scalability and future-proofing businesses.

“Mitel is playing a crucial role in accelerating the move to the cloud and service providers are a key delivery channel for us.

“I'd like to congratulate SolunoBC for reaching 100,000 cloud users in the Swedish market.”

One of the service providers through which Mitel has found success is SolunoBC, the Nordic company which reached the 100,000-user mark in Sweden with Mitel's cloud platform.

Joachim Brandt, SolunoBC chief operating officer, says: “It's important to work in partnership with a supplier you can have an open dialogue with. Mitel understands our business and quickly responds to our customers' needs.

“We see Mitel as a true cloud enabler. Their ability to adapt to customer and market demands has been the foundation upon which we have been able to create the right solution for our market and be successful.”

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