ManageEngine has unveiled a new security information and event management solution which it claims improves the ability to detect data breaches, can prove data is always protected, and meets requirements of the European Union's General Data Protection Regulation.

Log360 is designed to audit all relevant security events, including unsuccessful user access attempts and critical changes to personal data using the system's “pre-built GDPR report”, says the company.

Log360 also enables notification of personal data breaches in real-time, which is said to fulfil the GDPR's requirement by detecting data breaches and generating an incident analysis report which provides information on a breach's impact.

The main purpose of GDPR is to create a culture of transparency when it comes to dealing data, partly by requiring companies to report any data breaches as soon as possible.

It is also designed to encourage stricter data security procedures in general, as well as better data processing methods. More documentation of every part of the process is also required.

The deadline for compliance with GDPR is May 25, and failure to comply could result in large fines.

It's not yet clear what will happen in the UK if it leaves the EU, as is being discussed and planned, but the likelihood is that the UK enterprises and organisations will also comply with GDPR in order to be able to avoid disruption to business.

The UK government has indicated that it will mirror GDPR in regulations it may introduce if the UK leaves the EU.

This means that the vast majority of businesses, organisations and governments in Europe will comply with GDPR.

Manikandan Thangaraj, director of product management at ManageEngine, says compliance with GDPR has become urgent and will have a big impact on everyone.

Thangaraj says: “Translating all GDPR's requirements into IT security policies will have a huge operational impact on businesses of all sizes.

“The larger the enterprise, the longer it will take to fully adhere to GDPR," said Manikandan Thangaraj, director of product management at ManageEngine.

“With just a few months left to become compliant, we've made it easier to get up to speed with the GDPR using Log360's real-time correlation engine and exclusive GDPR auditing report.”