Search engine ‘ITRealty’ to modernise real estate

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Yuriy setko, realtor and professional programmer, has transformed the heavy duty work of realtors into a multi-functional search engine -

ITRealty incorporates the Multiple Listing Services (MLS) into one mega algorithm, as Setko uses his programming background and expertise to modernise property sales in Ontario, Canada. The service effectively revolutionises property sales by offering home buyers, home sellers and investors consistent results through the Artificial Intelligence Data Algorithm.

The Algorithm offers a precise indication of a property's price through detailed analysis of past, present and future trends. This tool provides sellers with an accurate representation of their property's value boldly fulfilling a service which has been long awaited in the real estate market.

Alternate qualities presented by the search engine include the holistic search for vacant properties whilst receiving all-inclusive information on the respective area, a function beneficial to buyers. This information includes transportation links, the local schools and regional demographics including crime statistics, transforming real estate into a one-stop shop.

A third demographic which may benefit from ITRealty are the investors, who through the tool are receiving detailed forecasts on rent fluctuations. The statistics can enable investors to directly track the worth of their property, a feature turning their tedious work into an easy and enjoyable process.

Data put into the algorithm cleverly provides a comparative analysis from a wide pool of sources introducing an inventive approach to real estate. The tool allows everyone to become a part of the housing journey, making it simpler for first time buyers to make the leap onto the property ladder.

All in all, ITRealty has taken great steps towards modernising real estate which have not gone unnoticed. Once the service expands outside of Ontario and on a larger scale, real estate will be revolutionised for good.

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