Genesys says it has simplified compliance with GDPR for customers

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After receiving countless emails over the past few days about General Data Protection Regulation, the last thing you might want to hear about is more GDPR.

But some companies may be struggling to meet the deadline today and others may miss it completely.

Either way, Genesys says its system can help by speeding up and simplifying compliance with GDPR.

Genesys specialises in omnichannel customer experience and contact center solutions.

Its new GDPR compliances system is basically a new API for its PureCloud platform.

The API enables organisations using PureCloud to more efficiently process requests from their customers as required by GDPR, says Genesys.

Under GDPR, EU residents have a number of new rights that enable greater control of their personal information while businesses are held accountable for the protection of that data.

Individuals gain the right to access their own data and can demand: a copy of their personal data to see what a company has tracked; deletion of their personal data; and portability of their data.

The PureCloud GDPR API offers self-service features so businesses can handle high volumes of customer data requests quickly and directly within the PureCloud platform.

With the PureCloud GDPR API, businesses can automatically facilitate key end-customer requests easily and confidentially. Genesys is making the new API available to businesses in all PureCloud regions, which extends beyond the minimum requirements outlined by the new regulations.

While GDPR applies to the personal data of individuals in and from the EU, companies outside of the EU, including those in the US, may find themselves obligated to comply with GDPR if they collect, store or use personal data about any EU resident.

For that reason, Genesys encourages businesses to take advantage of the new API as a proactive measure and to build trust with end-customers regarding data protection and privacy.

Olivier Jouve, executive vice president of Genesys PureCloud, says: “‘Privacy by Design’, a key part of GDPR, holds that any company that processes personal data must make privacy and data protection a priority at every turn.

“That very principle is inherent in the PureCloud platform, which was designed from day one to maintain confidentiality, integrity and privacy of sensitive data.”

GDPR holds that businesses must comply with personal data requests within 30 days.

With the new API, businesses using the PureCloud platform can initiate and resolve such requests well within the mandated time period, claims Genesys.

For example, organisations using the API to respond to customer access requests can expect to retrieve all related personal data within one-to-two business days.

Using the API, businesses can remove or make personal data anonymous in response to a GDPR “forget me” request in less than 14 days.

In addition, the PureCloud GDPR API provides a confirmation that the request was successfully completed so businesses using PureCloud have a record of request fulfilment, or an electronic personal data report.

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